Zenless Zone Zero Global Pre-Registration Begin

It’s almost here guys! Zenless Zone Zero has opened global pre-registration on PS5, PC, iOS, and Android. It has also started a pre-registration campaign that promises global players with bountiful in-game rewards as it marches towards the 40 million sign-up milestone, which includes up to 20 Master Tapes and other in-game items.

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s brand-new urban fantasy ARPG, in which contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a calamity known as “Hollows.” They appear out of thin air, creating spatial anomalies filled with formidable monsters known as “Ethereals.”

Players will take on the role of a Proxy — a professional specialized in navigating the dangerous Hollows, guiding those who, for various reasons, need to venture inside. Together with unique characters, players will embark on an adventure to explore Hollows, battle enemies, complete commissions, and learn about the mysteries behind the last beacon of civilization.

Pre-register for the game now to unlock the following rewards for when the game launches.

Pre-register Here