Hades 2: How To Get Ambrosia

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Although Melinoe can find many resources and materials in the wild or after defeating enemies, the nectar of the gods, also known as Ambrosia, cannot be lying around in the middle of the road. This legendary drink is the source of immortality for higher beings and the best way to improve relationships with some of them. In addition, Ambrosia is necessary to unlock some incantations in Hades 2, so knowing where you can get this resource is vital.

Unfortunately, you cannot find Ambrosia in any game location. You will not receive it after defeating enemies, and you will be unable to brew it yourself. But one guy with a book on his head will sell you a few once you meet some conditions.


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Where To Find Ambrosia in Hades 2

Ambrosia in Hades 2

Unlike Hades, where Zagreus had to fight powerful enemies and complete quests to gain some Ambrosia, this process is much easier in the second game in the series. The only way to get Ambrosia in Hades 2 is to buy it from Wretched Broker for Bones, which sounds pretty easy, but it’s not. Where Zagreus could find the Ambrosia in many ways, Melinoe is limited in methods. Wretched Broker’s inventory is limited, so you won’t be able to buy too much at once. Also, he won’t sell you any Ambrosia until you build the Taverna.

The Taverna is a place of relaxation and, more importantly, a strategic place of negotiations where Melinoe can invite the gods to a bottle of Ambrosia to improve relationships. But to unlock this place, you must complete the Rite of Social Solidarity Incantation. This ritual will require the following ingredients:

After completing the ritual and building the Taverna, Wretched Broker will add Ambrosia to his store shelves. But note that you cannot buy more than one per run.


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How To Use Ambrosia in Hades 2

Ambrosia in Hades 2

Having acquired Ambrosia, you can use it in the Taverna to spend time with the invited gods and skip 20 rooms. It will allow you to grow your plants faster or complete lengthy cauldron recipes.

Additionally, you can spend x2 Ambrosia, x2 Poppy, and x1 Golden Apple to perform Insight Into Offerings Incantation. Thanks to this, you can see the entire list of Olympian Boons in the Book of Shadows.