Train King Tycoon is coming to mobile, letting you build your own railway

  • Train King Tycoon is a new railway simulation game from BoomBit
  • Thanks to a new publishing deal the game will be arriving later this year on Google Play
  • An iOS App Store release hasn’t yet been confirmed, but is probable

Train King Tycoon, a railway simulation of the vibrant, early industrial railways of the Americas, will be coming to mobile. Developer BoomBit announced they have signed a deal with publisher Charged Monkey to bring the game to a variety of platforms; Google Play included. We don’t yet have any info on a potential App Store release but don’t write it off yet.

Train King Tycoon takes you back to turn-of-the-century Baltimore on the East Coast of the United States. Experience 150 years of railway history with accurately detailed models as you connect the East to West by building railways, acquiring the resources to expand and running trains to criss-cross the nation, all while building a collection of unique trains to draw upon to make you the one-and-only Train Tycoon.

Hurry up and wait

Gameplay-wise, what we’ve seen of Train King Tycoon doesn’t necessarily stand out that much, with plenty of timers, resource-collection and whatnot that’ll be familiar to many simulation players on mobile. However, we can’t fault the initial art direction and aesthetics, and with dozens of trains to collect and an expandable diorama, as well as the ability to see your friend’s own creations, there’s still plenty there for trainspotters to enjoy.

Trains have become an increasingly common sight for puzzle and simulation games. Not surprising since they’re arguably the predecessor to most modern special interests and miniature-building hobbies. It’s nice to see games like Teeny Tiny Trains mix up the usual run of fantasy and modern worlds, however.

You can check out the pre-release page for Train King Tycoon on Google Play Store.

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