Is Legacy Piece Oni The Best Race? – Gamezebo

So, is the Legacy Piece Oni race truly the best in the game? In this guide, I delve deeper into the stat boosts provided by the race, as well as how likely you are to roll it when spinning.

Waltz on over to the Legacy Piece Roblox page to learn more. While you’re here, check out our Legacy Piece Races guide that goes into detail about every obtainable race in the One Piece game.

Legacy Piece Oni

The Legacy Piece Oni race is considered the best in the game right now, and I agree. In our Legacy Piece Race Tier List, I ranked Oni as S-tier. Despite its one weakness, its strengths make the race more than worth it.

Apart from the stat boosts, you also get a minor change to your appearance. With this race being an Oni, you get horns on your head! Which in my opinion, looks pretty cool. I may be biased though, as I like horns and anything to do with mythical creatures. Anyway, if this sounds like it floats your boat, then roll away!

Oni Stat Boosts

The buffs you get when rolling the Oni race are automatically assigned to your character! Firstly, your HP is doubled, as well as your overall DMG in combat. This also includes the DMG that you deal with your unlocked abilities.

The one problem with the Oni race though, is that your character’s movement is hindered. Your walking speed becomes much slower than any of the other races. This isn’t a major problem, as you can always upgrade your character with abilities that allow you to move faster, such as Geppo. You won’t really notice this debuff in battle, and only when you’re travelling long distances across an island. Luckily, there are boats to use!

How Rare is the Oni Race?

The obtainment method of unlocking the Oni race is the same as any other. You need to be lucky with your rolls! Oni has a 2% drop rate chance when rolling, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll obtain it with your initial 3 free spins. It’s currently the rarest race in Legacy Piece, with Mink close behind at 5%. The most common race to roll is Human, but that isn’t the end of the world, as the stat boosts for Humans are surprisingly decent!