If you can find it and fit through the door maybe you can stay at the Hamster Inn

The holy trinity of amazing company names have come together, to release their equally amazing and adorable mobile game, Hamster Inn. Published by HyperBeard Games, and co-developed by Mum Not Proud and Little Sasquatch Studios, it’s time to shrink down and manage your own critter hotel.

Hotel Manager Hamsterin has called you in to help promote their fluffy hotel, and there are many ways to do this. Use your maracas to attract new guests, assign them a room, provide them with food, and clean their rooms to collect sunflower seeds. The better you do, the better your tips. Start pampering.

After amassing a bevvy of seeds, spend them on various decorations to upgrade your inn, from beds made of cake to rainbow running wheels. As you get bigger, you will be able to unlock new areas such as the Fishing Pond and the endearingly named Broken Cup Cafe. Make sure to hire the best hamster staffers you can afford to cater to all the guests you can meet.

There are more than 45 different guests to welcome to your establishment, including a miniature crocodile, and ever a gummy bear. You don’t have to be a hamster to stay here. If you grow, you might also attract a different type of pest; influencers. You never know when you will appear on someone’s social media feed, so do try not to build your own Fawlty Towers.

Finally, and rather endearingly, the developers have also slipped their own real-life pets into the game for you to meet. Spend some time with the Art Director’s ragdoll cat, Nico, or very gently slow with the Game Designer’s sausage dog Roby. While most guests arent a party of the developer’s family, they nonetheless have their own stories to tell.

Hamster Inn is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.