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Looking for a strong Deepwoken Pyre Keeper build? There are a lot of factors to consider when creating the perfect build, including stats, talents, and mantras.

Try your luck at obtaining the Pyre Keeper via the official Roblox page! To learn more about the game, take a look at our Deepwoken Vibrant Gem guide and our Deepwoken Mantra Tier List.

Deepwoken Pyre Keeper Build

Firstly, a short summary of what Ysley’s Pyre Keeper is. It’s an obtainable Greatsword with 2 blades (one larger and one shorter) that can be found in chests throughout Primadon, Starswept Valley, and Calamus. Although, you can also get it during the Authority Commander vs Hive Mech event and Etris vs Hive event. With 2 passives and 5 critical abilities, it’s a popular weapon, to say the least.

How to Make the Perfect Pyre Keeper Build

To start with your build, you need to keep in mind that the Pyre Keeper Greatsword scales off of both Heavy (due to it being a Greatsword) and the Flamecharm attunement. Plus, Agility is a big one to focus on, as you want to be able to speed up your attacks, which the Pyre Keeper already excels at!

Best Oaths

The top oaths to choose from when wielding the Pyre Keeper.

  • Contractor
  • Oathless
  • Dawnwalker
  • Blindseer (with all Mental Fortress talents unlocked)

Best Talents

The most recommended talents that work well alongside the Pyre Keeper Greatsword.

  • Lava Serpent
  • Floor is Lava
  • Conditioned Runner
  • Any Bastion talent (especially Firmly Planted)
  • Ghost (for Agility)
  • Charged Return (extra DMG)
  • Nullifying Clarity (boosts Intelligence stat)
  • Warding Radiance (boosts Flamecharm and Agility)
  • Ardour Scream (works well with Flamecharm)
  • Shared Misery (helps out with Critical hits)

Best Mantra

  • Flame Grab (especially useful if you use the Lava Serpent talent)

Best Stats

Put your points into these stats!

  • Willpower: 50-60
  • Flamecharm: 100
  • Intelligence: 5-10
  • Charisma: 20-25
  • Strength: 20-35
  • Agility: 20-30
  • Fortitude: 45-55
  • Heavy Weapon Proficiency: 20-30
  • Vitality: 5-10