Who Is the Angel Hernandez of MLB The Show 24 Umpires?

If there’s one thing that unites all MLB fans, it’s their dissatisfaction with Angel Hernandez. But who is the Angel Hernandez of MLB The Show 24?

This is a question that has been asked on the forums in the form of “which umpire do you dislike the most in The Show?” Of course, this assumes you have strike zone variability on and don’t go with the perfect strike zone and perfect calls. I would argue that strike zone variability is an amazing feature you should always have on, but I get why people would get frustrated with it.

Regardless, there is no consensus on the forums. We don’t have just one Angel Hernandez, rather it’s a group of umpires who draw ire from OSers. OS user Archie56 started the thread and called out Gary Simmons as his least favorite.

For me, it’s gotta be Gary Simmons. He’s the old white guy with the mustache. He NEVER gives me calls while I’m pitching and always seems to give the other team calls while I’m batting. Drives me crazy!

OS user Ghost Of The Year followed up by mentioning Joe McDonald and Wally Hughes since Ghost couldn’t pick just one. OS Fikshun came in off the top rope to say, “Rusty Valentine can Eff all the way off.”

What’s also fun about these umpires is that they’re not real but they’ve been in the game for years. OS user Armor and Sword has been around forever contributing to The Show, and he drops some nicknames for some of the all-time disliked umps. My personal favorite from the bunch is Sh*tstain Simmons, ya know, for the alliteration.

And, look, if there’s anything that usually brings sports fans together across all sports, it’s giving out about refs/umpires. Like, normally this sort of talk would be grounds for a warning on the forums, but everyone just nodded and applauded when OS user Nygs came in to roast Clyde Washington.

Not sure about The Show 24, but Clyde Washington has been straight garbage stuffed in a diaper bag — on top of more garbage with rancid/spoiled milk and soiled baby diapers on top of that. I will bet he’s still the worst for me. He probably assaults ophthalmologists in his free time…

This has even lead to discussions about past games like MVP Baseball where you could get kicked out for arguing as the manager, and then even going way back to 1994 and Time Out Sports Baseball on PC that actually had a mini-game for arguing with umpires.

Still, it’s all in good fun, and basically all of us do appreciate variable umpires, it’s a great feature that The Show has had for many years and also has been found in other baseball video games through the years. OS user strawberryshortcake sums it up best:

None, because strike zone variability is my all time favorite thing about MLB the Show. Calls going against me (or for me) whether I’m batting or pitching during late game or in crucial situations makes things an absolute blast. It mimics what could happen in a real baseball game and I’m all for it.

If you’ve got a bone to pick with an umpire in MLB The Show 24 and want to explain why they’re the Angel Hernandez in your video game life, feel free to stop by and let us know about it.