The Finals player discovers unbelievable bug that needs fixing ASAP

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Embark Studios should be releasing another update for The Finals this week. This update is bound to have some fixes and balance changes, but what they are is yet to be seen. However, one player has shared an unbelievable bug that needs fixing in The Finals ASAP so hopefully it’ll be part of the upcoming update’s patch notes.

While nothing has been shared about the upcoming update yet, fans believe a new game mode has possibly been teased. There is also another major issue worse than any other multiplayer game fans desperately want to be fixed, and the community only has one day remaining to win a free item.

A new game mode and major fix are clamored for by the community for Embark’s next update, but there is another bug that needs fixing. It’s been shared by The Finals community and it has blown fans away by the sheer ridiculousness.

The Finals must fix the spectator bug

Reddit user Seobjevo has shared gameplay of a bug in The Finals. This Reddit post shows a spectator bug where ‘You can trigger mines flying around the map’.

As mentioned by the OP in the replies, this was a team wipe as ‘when your whole team dies you can fly around as an invisible spectator’. Although it’s only just recently been shared on the subreddit, fans say it has been around for months.

Even though it’s supposedly been around for months, many of the replies echo the sentiment of ‘I never knew’. Another user said ‘I did this the other day and thought it must have been a fluke’.

Although there is the want to remove the bug, some of the replies say it’s hilarious and they’re now going to exploit the bug to troll other players. The spectator bug has also been hypothesized as to why some doors randomly open and shut, but there doesn’t appear to be a connection, and is most likely simply the fault of lag.

Hopefully, this bug does get fixed as it’s quite remarkable and can become annoying if more people discover it. Right now it’s quite niche and unknown so the full ramifications haven’t been felt.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox, and PC.