Play Together’s new Forest Spirit update adds a mystical flavour to Kaia Island

  • Play Together, the hit social game from Haegin gets a new update with the Forest Spirit event
  • Collect strange spirit stones that have appeared around Kaia island
  • Interact with the new elf elementalist and apprentice elementalist NPCs

Play Together, the hit social game from Haegin is set to unveil a new mystical update with the Forest Spirit event. When a large number of ‘spirit stones’ appear on Kaia Island, you’ll be set to interact with the new elf elementalist and apprentice elementalist scour the island and collect these mystic stones.

As part of the Mysterious Spirit Forest event, you can obtain Spirit Dice by completing these missions. You can roll these dice as part of the event to move you a number of spaces along a game board, collecting exclusive rewards depending on the spot you land on. These include: a ‘mysterious’ spirit box containing a Tree Spirit Bug Net and the Apprentice Elementalist Costume set.

Log-in rewards and more

Fortunately, it’s not just mystical spirit stones popping up across Kaia island that are offering rewards. The update also adds the Forest Spirit Attendance event which lets you obtain Gems, Gift Boxes, a Stackable Spirit Hat, a Dangling Spirit Fishing Rod, and more as log-in rewards for the next seven days. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a social-game update without an adorable new pet to grind towards either, and the oversized Samoyed, available from the 19th, promises to be the latest obsession for pet collectors.

You can check out all the details of the new Play Together update via the game’s official Facebook and Twitter channels. Or see what’s been added in other updates like the Play Together x Sanrio collab that added a number of Hello Kitty-themed items to the game.

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