Firesky Is a Feature-Packed Mobile and PC RPG with Combat Inspired by Dodgeball – Gamezebo

We love dodgeball, but there are ways to improve it. 

For example, why not replace the classic inflated rubber dodgeball with deadly fireballs that shoot from your hands? And, while you’re at it, why not uncover the dark tale of a war that has raged across the multiverse for a thousand years?

Now you’re talking. 

Firesky, from developer Blue Dragon, is to dodgeball what Mario Kart is pushing a grocery cart. It takes a familiar concept and amps it up a millionfold with slick visuals, deep RPG gameplay, and an epic campaign involving magic, demons, and a whole lot of asskicking.

The story pits you against the Demon King and his army of minions. Joining you in this quest are several powerful hero characters, with more than 30 to collect in total—each one endowed with their own powers and abilities.

Plus, each of these heroes has their own unique story arc, and you’ll meet a whole new group whenever a new season begins. 

As your hero collection grows you’ll learn their stories, experience the multiverse from new perspectives, and unlock the secrets that will help you defeat the Demon King. 

Naturally, there’s a PvP mode too. The Arena of the Gods is the ideal place to work on your gauntlet, crafting the ideal weapon around your own personal playing style by assembling the perfect collection of cards. 

As new characters are added to the campaign they become available in PvP too, meaning the variety and strength of opponents on offers grows continually. 

Likewise, the human pool of opponents can only get bigger, craftier, and more experienced once Firesky goes live. Staying on top of the leaderboards is set to be a major challenge.

The only way to stay ahead is to download Firesky right now, start collecting gems, get crafting, unlock powers, level up Guardians, and win as many battles as you possibly can

Firesky is available right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Steam – just click here!