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Want to learn more about the Legacy Piece weapons before you spend Beli or farm bosses? Find out which bosses and mini-bosses drop certain weapons, and which weapons can be purchased from a shop!

Sail to the game’s official Roblox page to collect a variety of weapons! For more on Legacy Piece, take a look at our Legacy Piece Race Tier List and our Legacy Piece Island Level guide.

Legacy Piece Weapons

There are 2 types of weapons to obtain in Legacy Piece: melee and ranged. Depending on your preferred combat style, and your equipped Fighting Style, you may favour one more than the other. To find out which weapons are our favourites, have a nosey at our Legacy Piece Weapons Tier List!

Boss and Mini-boss Drops

Firstly, let’s start with the weapons that are dropped by the bosses and mini-bosses on various islands.


The weapons for close-range combat!

Higuma Katana

To obtain this katana, you must defeat the Higuma the Bandit Boss fight on Fusha Island. The weapon has a 35% chance to drop, but the boss only has 285 HP, so it should be fairly easy to farm! The Higuma Katana also comes with a move called the Shinobi Mist, which blasts out a puff of air when striking an enemy to deal additional damage.

Frost Blade

Understandably, the Frost Blade is dropped by a yeti – but not just any yeti. The Yeti Boss is located on Shimotsuki Island, and once beaten, will drop the Frost Blade and Frost Coat. However, the Frost Blade has a 3% drop rate chance, making it incredibly rare. Wield the power of ice and snow with the Frost Blade!


Battle against the Saw Shark Arlong boss for this spiky weapon! Saw Shark Arlong is found in Arlong Park, which is a level 95-99+ island. Kiribachi is one of the rarest weapons in the game so far, with a 1% drop rate chance. Not only does the weapon look cool, but it deals a decent amount of damage.

Axe Hand

The Axe Hand is a boss drop from Axe-Hand Morgan, who is located in Shells Town. The drop rate chance is pretty low at 5%, so unless you’re extremely lucky, you’re going to have to attempt this battle a few times.


The Don Krieg boss drops this one! To find him, you must travel to Baratie. Unfortunately, the Dainsenso weapon is a 2% chance drop, so you won’t be getting it straight away.

Iron Mace

If you want the Iron Mace weapon, you need to battle against the Alvida the Iron Mace boss. You can find them on Alvida Island, and once defeated, the Iron Mace has a 10% chance to drop as loot. One of the moves with this weapon creates a strong circular AoE attack as you swing the mace, making it great for mob fights!

Buggy’s Knife

Yes, Buggy’s Knife is dropped by none other than Buggy himself. Located in Orange Town, this boss drops a variety of accessories, as well as his knife. Buggy’s Knife has a 4% drop rate, so you’ll be seeing Buggy quite a lot until it appears.

Oni Spear

Despite the weapons above dropping from bosses, the Oni Spear has a chance to drop from one of the mini-bosses in the game. You can find the Rogue Mink Guardian mini-boss on Mink Island, but keep in mind that this location is for levels 80-95+. After defeating the Rogue Mink Guardian, the Oni Spear has a 5% chance to drop.


The Mohji and Richie mini-boss drops the Whip – but not every time. Found in Orange Town, the Whip weapon has a 5% drop rate chance after beating the mini-boss. It’s not the flashiest weapon, but one of the moves has a traversal AoE attack, which can prove useful.

Shop Weapons

There are also weapons that you can purchase from a range of shops throughout the islands.


  • Crude Cutlass
    • Bought from Fusha Island for 850 Beli
  • Rurouni Katana
    • Available to buy for 850 Beli in Shells Town
  • Dororo Katana
    • Purchased in Shells Town and costs 850 Beli
  • Hakuouki Katana
    • Costs 850 Beli on Fusha Island


Weapons you can use from afar! This section is a work in progress, as there are more melee weapons than ranged ones in Legacy Piece right now.