How To Get and Use Gemstones in AFK Journey

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Even though the value of Gemstones in AFK Journey is slightly lower than Dolly Tickets and Dragon Crystals, creating the perfect team is simply impossible without this currency. Eventually, Gemstones will be an integral resource for filling the ranks of your battle team, allowing you to buy Invite Letters and try your luck in finding the best heroes. However, first, you should learn how to effectively farm Gemstones in AFK Journey.

In truth, Gemstones are by no means a rare currency, as you will receive them everywhere, from daily quests to free codes. We are going to tell you about all the ways to get Gemstones in AFK Journey and how to use them.


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How to Get Gemstones in AFK Journey

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Players can get some Gemstones in AFK Journey from almost any activity, and here are the main ways:

  • Random reward in World Loot.
  • By leveling up and completing Growth Paths challenges.
  • By completing Daily Quests.
  • Using free in-game codes.
  • Also, you can buy Gemstones for real money.

Of course, each option in the list above can be helpful at different game stages, but not all are equally effective. Therefore, discarding the pay-to-win strategy and daily quests that provide extremely meager rewards, the most effective ways to farm Gemstones in AFK Journey are Growth Paths and in-game codes. Of course, these methods are not endless sources, but the rewards are good enough to pay attention to them in the first place. If you are looking for a stable way to farm for daily play, World Loot and Daily Quests will be the main sources of your wealth.


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How To Use Gemstones in AFK Journey

AFK Journey Invite Letters

As we said earlier, the main use of Gemstones in AFK Journey is to purchase Invite Letters at the Nobel Tavern. By spending 300 or 3,000 Gemstones, you can buy 1 or 10 Invite Letters, respectively, to try to find new heroes for your AFK team. Following the established laws of the world of the Gacha system, the chances of getting S-level characters in AFK Journey are relatively low. However, time-limited banners guarantee a chance of dropping an S-rank event character with a chance of about 3%.

That’s all you need to know about Gemstones in AFK Journey. This currency will undoubtedly become an integral part of your daily gameplay. So, use all methods to farm as many Gemstones as possible and finally get the desired heroes.

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March 22, 2024

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