Helldivers 2 players say “Reinforcements are not Grenades”

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When playing with a squad in Helldivers 2, especially if it is with randoms, you really are gambling with what sort of experience you’re going to have. Sometimes you will find a great team who are only focused on the objective and serving a hot cup of Liber-tea, and other times you will feel like uninstalling the game after being trolled by other players. This can range from purposely killing you, to preventing players from being able to extract and complete the mission. One of the more recent trolls comes by players throwing the Reinforcement Stratagem into a horde of enemies so the teammate respawns and is immediately overwhelmed and killed again. However, sometimes this is just done by inexperienced players who always throw Stratagems toward enemies out of habit.

U/Heavy-Lengthiness831 took to Reddit to deliver a public service announcement to encourage players to stop doing this as it makes it difficult to complete missions and can be the cause of failure.

“Say it with me soldier: “reinforcements are not grenades” You do not have to throw every reinforcement beacon into legions of chainsaw Automatons or squads of Hulks, we will just die.”

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While some players agreed with this, some players actively encouraged being thrown into the chaos, with U/Creepy_Potato5845 saying “I’m the opposite throw me into a base and I’ll land through a fabricator, Hulk, or a Tank this is the way.”

U/PoloniumZebra made an incredibly good point that Helldivers are an asset and not human beings, and since they are weapons it is fine to throw them to the wolves saying “I disagree. The body of a Helldiver in itself is a high-value asset, and therefore not a human being. The Helldiver is a weapon of Super Earth. “Point me to the enemy,” they say, and so I will. They will be tossed at bug holes, fabricators, and on the back of Bile Titans. No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great.” U/leSwagster echoed this saying “Reinforcements are Stratagems, and Stratagems are expendable”

And finally, one of the culprits, U/FLABANGED, made themselves known by saying “Sorry can’t hear you over the sound of my Democratic Helldiver Guided Missile™”

Helldivers 2 is known for having a trolling community, with some players purposely killing their teammates during extraction to cause them to fail. While this can be funny at times, if you’re the sort of player who takes things seriously and plays to win, then this can be incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, unless you’re playing with friends who you know don’t act like this, trolling is just something you will experience from time to time if you want to play in a group rather than solo.

Being killed in Helldivers 2 is never fun, especially as you only have a set amount of revives before you fail the mission, although the last one does regenerate. To prevent dying you must survive, simple right? The best way to do this is to prepare yourself by checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be suitably kitted out to dish out democracy to the Automatons and Terminids.