The Next Black Panther Likely Open World, May Show All of Wakanda

Job listings from a new Electronic Arts studio, Cliffhanger Games, suggest that their upcoming Black Panther game will be open-world. This means it could let players explore (at least) a significant portion of Wakanda.

A job listing for a lead sandbox designer role includes responsibilities like developing encounters, systems, and gameplay “within a dynamic and evolving open world.” This means a large environment will have chances for player choice and exploration. It also means that the storyline’s events will affect the world since it’s “evolving.”

“Work closely with the AI engineering team to create sophisticated AI behaviors that enhance the open-world experience, from urban crowds to wildlife ecosystems… Partner with the design team to integrate sandbox dynamics into the mission design, facilitating seamless transitions between structured missions and open-world exploration.”

Principal Sandbox Designer description

Cliffhanger Games is headed by Kevin Stephens, a well-experienced industry professional who previously managed development on the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games. The studio also includes developers with backgrounds in popular franchises such as Halo, God of War, and Call of Duty. While the last three are interesting, Shadow of Mordor is a well-known open-world game, so it brings more credence to the idea.

The main page of Cliffhanger Games also shows us something big is coming. ” We want our game to allow players to experience what it’s like to be worthy of the Black Panther mantle in unique, story-driven ways,” he said on the website. Since it’s an EA studio, it makes us feel like that comes at a cost to the gameplay or the player in some way. EA has a bad reputation in the industry, and we’re hoping it’s a lot less of the usual game EA puts out.

The open-world format could offer a huge expansion in size compared to previous Black Panther appearances in video games. Players might get to explore the advanced yet secretive nation of Wakanda fully, including busy city areas, hidden technological wonders, and the beautiful surrounding nature. The details of how players engage with the open world or the story are still unknown. However, the emphasis on sandbox elements implies that players may have a lot of control over how they tackle goals or move around Wakanda.