Skybound’s Invincible Game Crowdfunding Campaign Exceeds Goal

Skybound Entertainment, known for its popular Invincible comic and animated series, has achieved impressive success with its latest crowdfunding campaign. The campaign, focused on creating a new high-quality video game set in the Invincible universe, quickly exceeded its initial target of $50,000. As of writing, the campaign is already at $446,000. The funds collected will directly contribute to developing this ambitious new game.

A team of 30 developers from well-known studios like Activision Blizzard, EA, and Epic Games will lead the project. As found by IGN, this marks a notable increase in scope and ambition for an Invincible video game as Skybound ventures into a larger-scale project than their previous endeavors in the gaming industry.

Skybound Entertainment CEO David believes this game would be an opportunity to explore the world of Invincible and support its growth directly. Since the game is being developed by the team at the studio, they will make sure it remains faithful to the lore and IP.

“By developing this game in-house, under complete control of our team of franchise stakeholders and Invincible IP creator Robert Kirkman himself, we are creating a highly coveted game that is guaranteed to have fans of the comic, the global hit TV show, and serious gamers alike, wholly captivated by this first-of-its-kind Invincible experience. Plus, by creating this project in-house, we will reap the benefits of being the IP rights owner, developer, and publisher, providing increased value to our stakeholders.”

Invincible game Kickstarter

This announcement comes right after the second season finale of the well-regarded Invincible animated series on Prime Video. Although the streaming platform hasn’t revealed when the third season will be released, it will likely come with time. It took a while to go from Season 1 to 2. The game is likely to soar far above its current level and become a much better game because of it. We’ll report when it has hit any other significant milestones.