Content Warning Sales Top 700k Post-Free Period as Devs Ask for Your Crew’s Footage

Viral smash hit Content Warning has broken a major sales barrier even after being offered for free during its first 24 hours on release, developer Landfall has revealed.

That’s according to a PC Gamer interview with Landfall head Wilhelm Nylund, in which the CEO says that Content Warning sold “multiple times more” copies than any other Landfall game within a single day, racking up more than 100,000 sales in 24 hours.

It took just a week for Content Warning to reach 700,000 sales. Given the continuing popularity of the game, both on social media and among players, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t break the million barrier at some point in the future.

Content Warning has proven a hit even beyond its viral free period.

In the PC Gamer interview, Nylund attributes Content Warning‘s success to initially offering the game for free. He says that people were “suddenly” bombarded by footage of a game they didn’t yet know about, creating a perception that Content Warning was “worth paying attention to”.

He’s not wrong, either; clips of the game have proven hugely popular on social media platforms like TikTok, thanks largely to Content Warning‘s Lethal Company-style potential for emergent shenanigans.

In fact, those shenanigans are exactly what Landfall wants from you right now. If you’re playing Content Warning, the developer wants you to submit your footage for a chance to have it included in the game and found by other players.

If you want to join in, you can find the application form right here. It involves uploading your Content Warning footage to social media and providing Landfall with your unedited video as well, so you’ll need to be happy to do those things.

A player looking out from the bars of what appears to be a cage in Content Warning
Millions of players have flocked to Content Warning‘s spooky goings-on.

If you’re wondering just what exactly Content Warning is, it’s a multiplayer horror game from the creators of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds and Clustertruck.

Released on April Fools’ Day, Content Warning sees players delving into a spooky world in order to film as much scary stuff as they possibly can before their camera battery, oxygen, or nerves run out.

In the PC Gamer interview, Nylund says his team is crossing its fingers that Content Warning will sell a million copies within its first two weeks. It’s got just a couple of days left to do that, so watch this space.