Amikin Survival: Anime RPG opens pre-registration on Google Play

  • Amikin Survival: Anime RPG promises survival, crafting and creature-collection action
  • It comes from Helios Games, creators of Westland Survival and Mutiny
  • Although details are scant we’re interested to see just what comes out of it…

Amikin Survival: Anime RPG, a new title from Helios Games, has opened pre-registration for Android. Available to pre-register for now on Google Play, Amikin Survival is scant on current details as to what the game itself is about, but seems to promise a survival-crafting experience inspired by games like Palworld and featuring the same sort of creature collecting gameplay.

It’s obvious that at least some inspiration has likely come from Palworld, a PC survival game that mixed together the creature collecting of Pokemon and the base-building survival gameplay of titles like Rust. However, without a trailer or more screenshots to go off, we’re not sure just what Amikin Survival will entail, or if it’ll hold up well when it does release…

Gotta collect ’em all

We know that Amikin Survival isn’t vaporware despite the lack of a solid trailer or screenshots, as Helios Games are actually a fairly reliable developer, having produced Westland Survival and Mutiny, a pirate game, in the past. However, both of those look to be fairly similar in terms of presentation and gameplay, being top-down survival adventure games. So we don’t expect Amikin Survival to break too much from this formula.

Which may be what makes the game succeed or fail. If you’re a fan of Helios’ previous games it doesn’t look like this’ll be much different. But will this new theme and aesthetic be enough to differentiate it? We’ll have to wait and see…

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