AFK Journey: Best S-Rarity Heroes, Ranked

S-Level Heroes in AFK Journey are rare Epic characters that pose a greater challenge to acquire compared to their A-Level counterparts. However, despite their rarity, their Power remains unaffected, and they must undergo the same Ascension process to unlock their true potential.

It’s worth noting that the resources required for Ascensions vary between S-Level and A-Level combatants. In this tier list, fans of AFK Journey discover which of the game’s 22 S-Level Heroes stand out as the best, and why they merit a higher ranking than others.


AFK Journey: All Tank Characters, Ranked

With a total of 7 Tank characters available in AFK Journey, it goes without saying that some exceed others. Here’s how they all rank up.

7 Rowen

Best Feature: Team-Wide Buffs

rowen an s-level support hero in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Great Bargain
  • Best Mode: PvP
  • Expertise: Booster

Rowen is an expert in Energy manipulation. His Ultimate ability enhances the Energy gains of his allies, facilitating more frequent activation of their Ultimate Skills. What elevates Rowen to the status of a top-tier Hero is his universal synergy. Regardless of the team composition, Rowen’s skills prove beneficial since AFK Journey‘s battles heavily rely on Hero abilities, and Rowen expedites the recurrence of their most potent skills.

In PvP matches where opponents lack an Energy booster, Rowen emerges as a decisive win condition. His synergy with characters like Cecia forms formidable alliances that overcome even the most robust defense lines. The only drawback is his tendency to advance toward the enemy frontline, providing adversaries with an opportunity to target him.

6 Brutus

Best Feature: Durability

brutus an s-level warrior in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Indomitable
  • Best Mode: Campaign
  • Expertise: Close-Range Damage

As an S-Level Warrior, Brutus is a practical mid- to close-range combatant. His Ultimate ability serves as an excellent damage dealer, affecting all enemies on adjacent tiles. However, what truly earns Brutus a high position in most tier lists is his passive skill: Indomitable. Just before facing a fatal strike, Brutus gains temporary invincibility for a few seconds.

Brutus’ Indomitable ability showcases an unbeatable synergy with characters like Lucius and Hewynn. When he becomes immortal, Lucius can extend his immunity with his shield. Moreover, while Brutus enjoys double protection from shields, Hewynn can restore his HP to its maximum level.

5 Hewynn

Best Feature: Wide AoE

hewynn an s-level healer in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Rain Prayer
  • Best Mode: All Modes
  • Expertise: Healing

Healers play a pivotal role in AFK Journey’s battles, as most non-Tank Heroes struggle to survive without their support. Among all the Healer options in the game, Hewynn stands out as the most practical and potent character. Upon activation of her Ultimate, she casts a spell on all allies regardless of their distance or tile positioning. This spell rapidly regenerates their HP, prolonging the battle until victory is achieved.


AFK Journey: 6 Best Marksmen, Ranked

Out of all eight Marksmen in AFK Journey, these six Heroes truly deserve a place among top-tier characters.

Hewynn’s synergy is universally effective. Regardless of the player’s chosen build or the targeted Battle Modes, having Hewynn positioned in the rearmost tile ensures a high chance of victory. The only drawback is her vulnerability. If the enemy manages to breach the defense line, they can swiftly eliminate Hewynn.

4 Smokey & Meerky

Best Feature: Multilayered Support

smokey and meerky a healer duo in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Withering Potion
  • Best Mode: PvP
  • Expertise: Healing and Buffing

Smokey is the best S-Level Healer-Support in the game. Teaming up with Meerky, the two create an Aroma that expands throughout the battle. Allies within this mystical smoke receive buffs, while enemies inhaling it suffer debuffs — an ideal win-win scenario.

Upon Smokey’s Ascension to Mythic+, his Aroma gains the ability to poison enemies, significantly hindering their progress past defensive lines. This proves especially crucial when players deploy teams featuring long-range damage dealers, as opposing Heroes succumb to Smokey’s poison while attempting to eliminate the Marksmen.

3 Cecia

Best Feature: Interruption

rowen an s-level marksman in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Queen’s Summons
  • Best Mode: PvE and
  • Expertise: Marksman Assassination

One of the best Marksmen in AFK Journey, Cecia is a sought-after S-Level Hero. Her popularity stems from her exceptional Ultimate Skill, Queen’s Summons, which summons a powerful beast onto the battlefield. As long as Cecia remains alive, her beast, Mr. Carlyle, is revived with her Energy and continues to engage in combat. Furthermore, Cecia retains the authority to choose the deployment location for her beast from all available tiles on the board.

In the current metagame, Cecia is primarily utilized as a defense disruptor and interrupter. When her Energy reaches its maximum, players should promptly summon her beast behind the enemy’s defensive line, targeting long-range attackers such as Marksmen, Mages, or Supports. Mr. Calyle becomes even more formidable when supported by protective Heroes like Lucius or Hewynn, as their Ultimate Skills prolong his lifespan.

2 Thoran

Best Feature: Damage Absorption

thoran an s-level tank in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Resurrection
  • Best Mode: All Modes
  • Expertise: Defense

Thoran is known as the best Tank in AFK Journey because of his incredible strength. Not only does he soak up the majority of the opponent’s initial damage, but he can also resurrect himself after the first death. Upon revival, he regains 40% of his maximum HP and seamlessly resumes the battle.

By ascending Thoran to Mythic+, players unlock his Exclusive Skill, a mystical pact with the Hero positioned behind him. At the onset of the match, Thoran agrees to absorb all damage inflicted upon the ally positioned behind him. In return, the protected ally grants Thoran 85% of their HP upon his resurrection, allowing him to reenter the fray with an impressive 150% HP.

1 Reinier

Best Feature: Destructibility

reinier an s-level character in afk journey.

  • Best Skill: Golden Ratio
  • Best Mode: All Modes
  • Expertise: Assassination and Interruption

Reinier stands out as the sole S-Level Hero within the Hypogean faction who merits the effort of acquiring. Regardless of the game mode being played, having Reinier on the battlefield can dramatically sway the outcome of the battle in the player’s favor. As a damage dealer, Reinier disrupts the opponent’s strategy in two distinct ways. First, he temporarily removes an enemy Hero from the board. Second, he debuffs the enemy’s ATK and Physical DEF.

Players are strongly advised to prioritize adding Reinier to their Wish Lists promptly. Upon obtaining him, it is prudent to fully invest in his Ascension, ensuring he reaches the Supreme+ level.

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