Marvel Future Fight celebrates nine years by throwing a heap of characters at its players

Announced alongside an advertising image I can only assume was aimed squarely at myself with the prominent Deadpool and Odin featured on it, Netmarble has revealed their celebrations for the 9th anniversary of Marvel Future Fight. The Countdown Event will be building all month up until the big day.

If you have not played it, Marvel Future Fight is an action RPG where you put together a squad of three of your favourite superheroes from a pool of over 200, and do what they do best; wanton collateral damage. Think of a mobile version of the Marvel Alliance games, complete with the only team that matters; Deadpool, Cable, and Domino.

Kicking off the celebrations is the 9th Anniversary pre-registration, where you can get a ton of items by simply visiting the official website before April 29th. Stick your name on the list, and come the 30th you will be walking away with 900 crystals, a huge 9 million gold, and an even bigger Potential Transcended Character Selector.

For more free stuff, simply log in every day and you will be showered with a host of goodies, A Tier-2 Character Selector, a 4-star Artifact Chest, and a bevy of resources are at your fingertips if you just show up, leading to the biggest prize of them all. Log in on the 30th, and you will get a Tier-3 Character Selector.

If you think the free rewards stop there then you will be sadly mistaken, and probably equally deliriously excited, to learn that this is just the countdown. From April 30th to mid-May the main show begins, with the 9th Year Celebration Event. Not only will the currency amount required to earn a Dimension Chest be lowered, but you can also grab a Tier 3 Selector and a Premium Tier-2 Selector. With all this, you will have the team of your dreams.

Marvel Future Fight is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.