Helldivers 2 players are missing the new defense missions

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After the Automatons returned to Helldivers 2 one day after being eradicated, players had to defend planets from the robot army. This included the addition of a new defense mission that was an instant hit with players, with many praising the mission that sees players defend a base from hordes of Automatons. After the Helldivers successfully defended various planets, it is back to business as usual and bringing democracy to the galaxy once again, but that means no more defense missions.

U/Siege_Dongs took to Reddit to state they miss the defense missions, which saw a flood of support and agreement from the community. U/NotTheBlackForces responded saying “Legitimately the best designed mission in game. They should honestly reform the eradication missions into something similar but with us on offense. A humongous bot base with strategically placed tactical asset that you need to destroy before you can eliminate the entire base.”

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Although many players are sad to see them go, u/A_Drenched_Lettuce did give reassurance that the mission will return saying “Theyll be back. You dont spend tons of dev time on something to use once and then shelf it forever. It will be back.”

Helldivers 2 does alternate between liberation and defense campaigns depending on the direction the story is going, so it likely won’t be long until the new defense missions return again. The new mission style was a breath of fresh air compared to the original defense missions, which many players criticised due to the difficulty and it didn’t feel like you were trying to defend anything, instead you just had to survive and kill enough Automatons to evacuate.

With the new defense missions likely returning soon, you should make sure you are prepared for the next Automaton attack, including learning how to take down their dropships. We also highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can create the ideal load out to take on the Automatons and Terminids.