A Helldivers 2 TV show needs to happen

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When I was growing up, TV and movie adaptations of popular video game franchises were largely terrible, with the Super Mario Bros movie from 1993 being a prime example. I will, however, not hear a bad word said about the Street Fighter movie. Thankfully, in more recent years we’ve seen the quality of video game adaptations vastly improve in quality, with TV shows such as The Last of Us and the recently released Super Mario Bros movie showing how it should have been done 30 years prior. The TV show based on Bethesda’s Fallout series recently hit Amazon Prime Video and is the latest in a long list of smash-hits, and now gamers are looking at Helldivers 2 as a potential candidate to receive a TV show in the future.

U/CrowZeroXL took to Reddit to discuss the possibility of a TV show based on Arrowhead Game Studios’ recently released Helldivers 2. The game only launched in February 2024 and has already seen over eight million copies sold in its first month, and still sees over 200,000 concurrent players for most of the day. The Reddit user gave a few suggestions of how the TV show could be laid out saying,

“The series could be three seasons long each around 12 episodes at 45 minutes a piece, the first one focusing on bugs, the second one focusing on bots, the third could be about The Illuminate and maybe finish with a huge cliffhanger like Super Earth getting attacked then drop a huge movie climaxing in a battle on Super Earth?”

Image via Paramount Pictures

Microsoft’s Halo franchise received a TV adaptation in 2022, with Season 2 airing in February and March 2024 which garnered positive reviews from both fans and critics, which shows there is a market for a military science fiction TV show. The Helldivers series also draws heavy inspiration from the 1997 Starship Troopers movie, which was based on the 1959 novel of the same name. With Sony being the publisher of Helldivers 2, it is possible that it could look to expand the IP further after the success of The Last of Us TV show.

While we wait for a potential Helldivers TV show, Super Earth is still under attack from the Automatons and Terminids, so it is time to get to work Helldivers. The Automatons recently returned to the game stronger than ever after being briefly eradicated following a successful Major Order two weeks ago. To make sure they get eradicated once and for all, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides so you and your squad can bring a hot cup of Liber-tea to all that stand against you and democracy.