Hallmark Selling Awesome New Xbox Ornament


  • An Xbox ornament is coming from Hallmark for $22.99.
  • The ornament will be available starting July 13 as part of Hallmark’s 2024 Dream Book collection.
  • Hallmark’s collection includes other video game-inspired ornaments like Poke Balls and Super Mario characters.

Hallmark will release an awesome Xbox ornament this July. First released in 2001, the Xbox is one of the most recognizable console brands on the market.

Every year, Hallmark comes out with new Keepsake Ornaments as part of its Dream Book collection. Last year, Hallmark released Super Mario and Pokemon ornaments, and a miniature Dreamcast. The collection essentially includes Christmas decor and tree ornaments that people can purchase months before the holidays begin. For its 2024 Dream Book, the brand included a number of video game-inspired ornaments once again, such as a miniature Xbox console.


Xbox Makes Major Cloud Gaming Improvements

Microsoft reveals notes for a recently released Xbox Insider update that includes the addition of a major Cloud Gaming feature.

According to Hallmark’s website, the Original Xbox Console Ornament with Light and Sound will retail for $22.99. It will have working lights, as well as audio that will play the console’s startup sound and music from Halo: Combat Evolved.

Hallmark’s Xbox Ornament Will Be Available Soon

  • Original Xbox Console Ornament with Light and Sound: $22.99

Hallmark will begin rolling out the 2024 Dream Book ornaments in July, with the Xbox ornament being available on July 13. Gamers can also browse Hallmark’s other Keepsake Ornaments, such as six types of Poke Balls from Pokemon and Boo from Super Mario, among many others. The collection also includes well-loved characters from various TV and movie franchises, such as Harry Potter and Power Rangers.

hallmark xbox ornament

Xbox Console Updates

Over on the gaming front, there has been news that Microsoft is already working on a next-gen Xbox console, which is said to make the “biggest technological leap ever.” Along with a next-gen Xbox, there are also rumors that the company was looking into developing a handheld device similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Apart from developing consoles, Xbox has also formed a dedicated team to future-proof digital game libraries. This would make sense considering the company’s cloud gaming push, as well as rumors that it’s coming out with a disc-less Xbox Series X. The move to digitally preserve would also make it more convenient to access older and outdated titles, which many Xbox fans are happy about.


Xbox Series X


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November 10, 2020

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