Epic Games calls for Google Play Store policy changes

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Epic Games has filed an injunction order that would permit third-party app stores on the Google Play Store for six years.

As reported by Reuters, the filing was made to San Francisco US District Judge James Donato in California on April 11.

Epic’s suggestions include that Google should allow access to its Play Store app catalog and allow app library porting for six years.

The proposal included multiple actions that Google should be prohibited from; which are listed below:

  • Place and preinstallation terms for third-party app stores
  • Agreements with actual or potential competing distributors
  • No exclusivity
  • No most-favored-nation and limits on differentiated content
  • No restrictions on the removal of developer apps from the Google Play Store

“The goal of this injunction is to open up to competition [in] the two markets found by the jury: the market for the distribution of Android apps and the market for Android in-app billing services for digital goods and services transactions, to the benefit of developers of Android apps, developers of payment solutions for use in Android apps and users of Android mobile devices,” said Epic Games in the filing.

Additionally, Epic proposes that Google creates a compliance committee and retain a compliance officer according to antitrust laws and the injunction.

The tech giant’s filing said, “Google shall give the compliance officer all necessary authority and resources to discharge the responsibilities listed herein.”

“The compliance officer may be removed only by the compliance committee for good cause shown and unrelated to carrying out the obligations set forth below in good faith, ordinary diligence, and with loyalty to the assigned role.”

While Android is already open to alternative app stores, Google Play is still the dominant marketplace.

The Fortnite maker’s injunction filing comes four months after it won its antitrust trial against Google.