Epic accidentally released this Fortnite item for only $0.25

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Sometimes a deal is just too good to be true! That is exactly what Fortnite fans thought when Epic Games released an item in the store for just $0.25.

Gaining various items from the shop allows you to customise your gaming experience to suit your style. Whatever the game mode you choose to spend your time in, Epic Games will have something for you.

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Racing off the shelves

If you notice something has been priced ridiculously low then you should act quickly to make it yours, as it is most likely a mistake. That was exactly what happened when Epic Games released the new Fuse Starter Quest Pack for Rocket Racing in Fortnite. The deal includes:

  • Fuse Vehicle Body
  • 5 Fuse Decals (Flames, Lightning, Stripes, Wings, Formline)
  • Matius Outfit (with LEGO Style)

Fuse Quest Bundle – Complete quests in Rocket Racing to earn:

  • 13 Standard Vehicle Colors
  • 2 Fuse Decals (Fluorescent & Whip-Tail)
  • Silver Rush Matius Outfit Style
  • Gold Vehicle Color
How much?! – Image via Epic Games

It would set you back $9.99 / £7.69 – unless you happened to live in Hungary! There, it was accidentally released for just $0.25.

Fortnite leaker @HYPEX suggested to “Ask your Hungarian friends to gift you before it’s fixed”, before realising you can’t gift real money bundles. However, others in the comments were quick to come up with another workaround.

By changing your VPN to Hungary and going to the Epic Games site, you could pick up the bundle at the low price. While some acted speedily enough to do this, the price was also adjusted with pace, meaning not many were able to cheat the system.

Although it won’t help this time around, with the issue already fixed, it is definitely worth bearing in mind for the future. If something like this happens again, you can act quickly to secure yourself an unreal deal!