The Finals player shares an impressive milestone very few have accomplished

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The Finals has been out for over four months, with the game launching in December 2023. Due to its age, most players have just begun to scratch the surface of the game, amassing a handful of hours in the game. But, one player has already racked up an impressive amount of play time in just a short space of time, as well as reaching an impressive milestone.

U/sauceyabeans took to Reddit to share an impressive stat they achieved on The Finals. They have managed to surpass 20,200 eliminations throughout their time in the game. With the game only being four months old, it is unlikely that many other players have achieved this amount of eliminations yet, as the player has amassed 661 hours of playtime, equating to over 27 days of playing in the past 4 months.

A first-person view of a player’s character overlooking a dynamic, explosive battle taking place in a futuristic urban environment within an arena setting, promoting the “5v5 power shift” event for the finals

However, the impressive elimination figure doesn’t come without its share of negative stats, as they have also been eliminated 20,073 times, equating to a 1.01 K/D, which is low considering the amount of time they’ve played. They also have a low win/loss ratio, with 1,386 wins and 2,030 losses.

Regardless of stats, having this level of dedication to The Finals is only a good thing, as the game is still relatively new and still trying to find its footing in the over-saturated competitive shooter that is already dominated by games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Valorant.

The Finals is currently in Season 2, which saw a resurgence in popularity for the game, however, this has decreased by approximately 67%, peaking at 20,000 concurrent daily players. But, many players are still enjoying the game, with some calling it “the best shooter on the market right now.” If you’ve been contemplating trying The Finals, now is a great time to do so while it is still new and growing. To gain your footing and get started, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals Light build guide, Medium build guide, and Heavy build guide to find what type of character and loadout suits your playstyle best.