Denuvo introduces TraceMark software to combat leakers

Denuvo has garnered a major reputation in the gaming industry as a popular, albeit controversial, anti-piracy measure. During GDC 2024, they’ve introduced the latest technology in their anti-piracy suite called TraceMark for Gaming.

While Denuvo is usually known for being a measure to prevent gamers from pirating games where the software is implemented, even if only temporarily until cracks are created. TraceMark takes aim at another aspect of illegal game software, leakers.

While leaks have become commonplace where numerous publications and online creators report on such occurrences, they can be illegal depending on NDAs signed by the parties involved.

Supposedly this technology can track leaks through the use of hidden watermarks all the way back to the original source code.

How effective this is remains to be seen when it is implemented in future projects, generally prerelease builds. The latter of which will most assuredly happen considering Denuvo’s prevalence in the gaming industry.

What do you think of this? Will this software prevent major leaks from happening among larger published titles, or will people find workarounds to this as they have with cracking the anti-piracy measures created by Denuvo?

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