Every Fight In The Shinjuku Showdown Arc


  • Shinjuku Showdown arc in JJK has featured incredible battles, testing Sukuna to his limits.
  • Unexpected fights like Kenjaku vs. Takaba have added significant twists to the story.
  • Gojo vs. Sukuna battle, a long-awaited showdown, ended with Sukuna emerging victorious.

The Shinjuku showdown arc in JJK has been absolutely incredible for the fans to witness, as it has served up one incredible battle after another. This arc has tested Sukuna to the absolute limit and showcased what he can actually do in combat.


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This is also one of the most intense arcs that the fans have seen in the story, with quite a lot of deaths having taken place already. While the Shinjuku Showdown arc is still ongoing, quite a lot of interesting battles have already taken place that have etched themselves in the history books and have been absolutely incredible for the fans to witness.

5 Kenjaku Vs Takaba

kenjaku Takaba death jujutsu kaisen 245

  • Winner: Kenjaku
  • Casualties: Takaba, Kenjaku

One of the most unexpected fights that took place in the Shinjuku Showdown arc was that of Kenjaku and Takaba. This fight took place immediately after the death of Gojo Satoru, and it was significant in many ways. This clash gave fans a proper idea of what Takaba could do with his cursed technique.

That said, it was largely a bizarre fight and showcased Takaba using his cursed technique to create various scenarios where he would goof around with Kenjaku. Due to soul resonance, this also affected Kenjaku, and in the end, Takaba peacefully passed away. While this fight wasn’t all that special and was largely very boring for the fans, it did open up the way for Yuta to sneak up on Kenjaku and lift his head off his shoulders. Essentially, this clash marked the end of Kenjaku. That said, it was a very disappointing end for the curse user, especially because he was one of the main antagonists of the entire series. For that reason, fans were disappointed with this clash.

4 Sukuna Vs Kashimo


  • Winner: Sukuna
  • Casualties: Kashimo

Ryomen Sukuna fought against Kashimo, the God of Lightning, in the Shinjuku Showdown arc. At this point, Sukuna had already been weakened by Gojo quite a lot. That, when coupled with the fact that Kashimo utilized his cursed technique, Mythical Beast Amber, meant that the King of Curses was going to be on the back foot. That is exactly what happened in this fight for the vast majority of it, and even though Sukuna had Kamutoke, a cursed tool that was created by a Binding Vow by Yorozu, he was not able to even scratch Kashimo, at least at first.

Eventually, Kashimo managed to push Sukuna to reincarnate in Megumi’s body, and from there onwards, Sukuna absolutely dominated the fight. He used the power of his Dismantle to finish off Kashimo and killed him for good.

3 Hakari Vs Uraume

uraume vs hakari jujutsu kaisen jjk 252

  • Winner: TBD
  • Casualties: N/A

Hakari versus Uraume is another battle that took place in Shinjuku in this particular arc. This fight is rather interesting, as it pits one of the strongest next-generation sorcerers, Hakari, against Sukuna’s closest confidant, Uraume. This clash has given fans a proper look at what Hakari can do in combat, and it is still ongoing as of now.


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Uraume is also very strong, and their powers are great enough to match even the mightiest of sorcerers to some extent. While this fight hasn’t advanced greatly over the course of the last few months, it will eventually be tackled and fans will most likely see Hakari emerging as the victor. That said, Uraume absolutely should not be underestimated.

2 Ryomen Sukuna Raid

maki vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 254

  • Winner: TBD
  • Casualties: Higuruma, Yuta Okkotsu, Kusakabe

The raid on Sukuna is a very intense clash that has seen a series of fighters take on the King of Curses in combat. By this point, Sukuna was already weakened greatly by Gojo, and it was all up to the remaining sorcerers to jump into battle against him and defeat him.

The raid on Sukuna began with Higuruma and Yuji joining the battle. And, after that, Yuta, who had finished his job with Kenjaku, also joined the battle. Yuta managed to do a number on Sukuna inside his domain expansion, and immediately after them, Maki jumped into battle and weakened Sukuna even further. If that wasn’t enough Kusakabe decided to take on the King of Curses and shortly after his fall, Miguel joined the battle as well.

The raid on Ryomen Sukuna is still ongoing and an eventual winner has not yet been announced.

1 Gojo vs Sukuna

Satoru gojo death jujutsu kaisen 244

  • Winner: Sukuna
  • Casualties: Gojo

By far, the very best battle that the fans have seen in the Shinjuku Showdown arc of JJK is that of Gojo and Sukuna. This battle was one that fans had been waiting years for, and the author finally delivered in this segment of the story.

Gojo, who was at the peak of his powers, was up against Sukuna in Megumi’s body. Both of them fought incredibly well against each other and either could have won the battle. Thankfully for Sukuna, he had Mahoraga to help give him the blueprint to breaking through Gojo’s Infinity, and at the same time, the handicap that was placed on Gojo eventually led to him losing the battle. Gojo also died at the end of this fight, but on another day, he could have won this battle.

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