Daggerheart 1.3 Playtest Available Now

The latest update to Daggerheart has gone live. The highly anticipated TTRPG developed by Critical Role’s Matt Mercer and Darrington Press has received its share of feedback thanks to open beta playtesting. Some of that feedback has been incorporated into the new Daggerheart 1.3 playtest.

The Daggerheart 1.3 playtest material

As mentioned in an official blog post, the Daggerheart 1.3 playtest went live on the Daggerheart website as well as Demiplane and DriveThruRPG. The material is available for free to all users who want to give the current version a try.

Just a taste of things getting nerfed and buffed this time around.

For those who have played earlier versions of the game the 1.3 playtest includes a change log. This will allow players to get an overview of changes that have happened to the game, both on a universal level as well as minor tweaks to characters and adversaries.

There are plenty of universal changes to be found in the Daggerheart 1.3 playtest. Damage Thresholds have been adjusted across all character classes and Stress Points are no longer marked when you take damage below your Minor Threshold.

Notably, the universal rules have changed the GM roll structure a bit. GMs can now choose to make a move or take Fear on rolls with Fear but not both. According to the notes, this reduces the Fear economy, streamlines what Fear can be spent on, and reduces mental strain on the GM.

As for player material, the new material contains revised language, slight changes to formatting, as well as small additions. Various Ancestries now have lifespans. Warriors now have an Attack of Opportunity class feature. Armor, Weapons, and Equipment have been re-balanced.

Finally, having Advantage/Disadvantage on a roll lets someone roll an extra Hope die instead of a D6 and take the higher or lower result respectively. This is done to make crits and rolls with Hope more likely when a character has Advantage or Disadvantage.

The Daggerheart 1.3 playtest material includes revised character sheets and cards. These updated materials reflect the changes to the game as mentioned above and to help players with running games at their table.