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Guilds offer sanctuary to its faction members, and each guild hosts different perks for joining. In this Critical Revengeance Guilds Guide, I tell you about each guild, where to join, and its guild benefits!

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Critical Revengeance Guilds Guide

At the time of writing, Critical Revengenace offers 3 Guilds, Explorer Guild, Mage Guild and the Sorrow-hunter Guild. Joining a Guild isn’t as simple as requesting entry and enjoying the perks. First, you must locate the Guild NPC and meet the Guild requirements for entry. The requirements tend to revolve around your player level.

If you join a Guild and later decide to leave or exchange into a different Guild, you can speak to the Guild Entrance NPC and leave if you pay the exiting fee and have enough REP. This is a handy thing to remember since not all Guilds are overly beneficial to your play style, on top of each Guild hosting both pros and cons for their members.

Explorer Guild

Located in the Forest of Stone. This Guild has a modest requirement for entry where the player must be Level 10+. Simply speak to the Explorer Guild NPC, Smorky to join. In exchange for recognising your skill, the Guild will offer the following benefits:

  • Pros
    • +15% Critical chance
    • +6 Speed
    • +15 Magic
    • +15 DMG
    • +3 Jump
  • Cons
  • Leave Requirements

Mage Guild

Thankfully, despite the name, you don’t have to be a Mage to join this Guild. Simply head to The Lost Library area and speak with the Mage Guild NPC, Dez. To enter the Mage Guild ranks, you’ll need to be Level 25+.

  • Pros
    • +55 Magic
    • +200 Mana
    • +1.15x more potency across all magic DMG
    • +1 Magic for every 50 Mana
  • Cons
  • Leave Requirements

Sorrow-hunter Guild

The final Guild, for now, this Guild is located within The Empty Lot area. To join this faction, speak with the Sorrow-hunter Guild NPC, Eidolos and meet the Guild requirements. Becoming a Sorrow-hunter member requires the player to be Level 25+.

  • Pros
    • +60 DMG
    • +10% Critical chance
  • Cons
  • Leave Requirements