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Obtained a few traits with your part packs after stopping by Bladers B-Pit? Check out our Bladers Rebirth Trait Tier List, which ranks every trait in the game so far. Some are great, some are strong, and some are… well, rubbish.

Try your luck in the Bladers B-Pit shop for some new traits by visiting the game’s Roblox page! Don’t scoot off just yet though, as we’ve also got a Bladers Rebirth Bosses guide that lists each boss drop, including special fragments that can sometimes grant you new traits.

Bladers Rebirth Trait Tier List

Seen the buffs but not quite sure if they’re worth using? If you’ve had a nosey at our Bladers Rebirth Traits guide, you’ll have noticed that certain rarities determine which traits are more likely to drop. I wrote down which traits were my top picks for each rarity, but what about the best traits overall?

S Tier

The best traits to have in Bladers Rebirth! If your blade parts have either of these traits, you’ve certainly got the upper hand in battle.

  • Resistance (Legendary)
    • Simply the best because of the double-buff that it provides! Your blade’s DMG and DEF stats are both increased by 5%, what’s not to love?

A Tier

Top traits! But lacking a little when compared to S-tier traits. I still think they’re fantastic though, and are worth keeping around due to their strengths.

  • Range (Rare)
  • Training (Rare)
  • Powerful (Legendary)

B Tier

Practical, but lacklustre. If you obtain one, it’s not the end of the world, but I’d swap them out when you next get the chance.

  • Turbo (Uncommon)
  • Pierce (Rare)

C Tier

Are these traits pointless? It’s difficult to say. They may be the best in their rarity category, but overall, they’re weak.

  • Agile (Common)
  • Enchanted (Common)
  • Tanky (Common)
  • Heavy (Uncommon)

D Tier

These traits are pretty common to get, which is why they’re not that good.

  • Strong (Common)
  • Healthy (Common)