Best AI, ChatGPT, and Python programming bundle deal: 79% off

TL;DR: The Ultimate AI, ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle is on sale for £25.34 with the code ENJOY20.

ChatGPT may be among the smartest AI released to the public, but there’s still room to customise and specialise this technology for your own purposes. That’s where the Ultimate AI, ChatGPT, and Python Programming Bundle comes into play. These courses could show you how to create your own ChatGPT AI bot, learn to code, and more. Start learning about AI while the whole course bundle is only £25.34 with the code ENJOY20. 

ChatGPT may be able to help you code, but it’s not perfect. If you want to learn to code, start with Python 3: From ZERO to GUI Programming. This intro course provides an overview of Python 3 and the basics of programming. As you learn more, you can see how to do GUI programming using Tkinter. 

Tkinter is one of the tools you can use in a later course to program your own ChatGPT bot. Before you get that far, you may want to learn more of the fundamentals driving AI, which is where Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with Tools and Templates taught by Dr. Chris Mall comes into play. Dr. Mall has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Software development, and this course could help you identify AI startup opportunities and build your first robot. 

Once you have the basics down, it may be time to learn how to make your own ChatGPT bot using Tkinter, Python, and Django. You may not even need to be a master programmer because you can just ask the AI to correct your code. The ultimate goal of the two ChatGPT courses is to connect to OpenAi with an API so you can have your own interface with OpenAI on the homepage of your Django app. It’s your very own build-a-bot workshop. 

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For a limited time, get the Ultimate AI, ChatGPT, and Python Programming Bundle on sale for £25.34 with the code ENJOY20. 

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