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Ready to get drippy and dominate the servers? This Type Soul Soul Reaper Accessories Guide tells you what each accessory available to Soul Reapers is along with rarity and usage.

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Type Soul Soul Reaper Accessories Guide

Accessories are both cosmetic and apply buffs to the user when applied. This guide covers all the exclusive accessories for the Soul Reaper race, meaning those belonging to the Quincy and Arrancar factions will have less use for this guide.

Boss Drop Accessories

These Accessories have a chance of being dropped after defeating either the Bawabawa boss located at Hueco Mundo, or the Jidanbo boss at Soul Society.

  • Shinigami Asura Pants
    • +5 Health
    • 5% Increased mode duration
  • Mugetsu Wrapping
    • 10% Hieroo Pen
    • 10% Reduced mode meter drain
  • Mugetsu Mask
  • Kisuke Robe
    • 10% Mode gain
    • 10% Reiatsu gain
    • +10 Health
  • SR Hibernal Robe
  • Saunder Cloak

Legendary Accessories

These accessories are some of the highest rarity for Soul Reapers to obtain and therefore the hardest, but most rewarding.

  • Ichigo Cloak – Check back for buffs!
  • Oetsu Puffer
  • Aizen Eyepatch
    • +10 Health
    • +10 reiatsu
    • +5 Posture
  • Kenpachi Eyepatch
  • Urahara Cloak

Uncommon Accessories

These accessories are easier to come by but offer fewer buffs.

  • Shingami Gehenna Beads – Check back for buffs!

Common Accessories

The easiest accessories to add to your arsenal. Offer the fewest or no buffs. Some equipment here is entirely cosmetic.

  • SSR
  • Rope SSR
  • Shoulder Pad SSR

Clan Accessories

Accessories that are only available to those within Clans.

  • Shihouin Belt
  • Shihouin Blindfold
  • Hisagi Chains
  • Abarai Goggles
  • Kuchiki Goggles
  • Kurosaki Chain
  • Komamura Helmet
  • Kyoraku Hat
  • Urahara Hat
  • Kurosaki Headphones
  • Shutara Necklace
  • Shiba Head Scarf
  • Hyosube Oni Beads
  • Hitsugaya Sash
  • Hitsugaya Scarf
  • Kuchiki Scarf
  • Hirako Tie
  • Unohana Cape
  • Zaraki Eye Patch