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Trying to decide if the Type Soul Ink Bankai is for you? It’s certainly a unique one, as you’ll be taking to the battlefield with a paintbrush in hand.

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Type Soul Ink Bankai

The Ink Bankai is a Shikai Element in Type Soul! This Element’s rarity is Legendary, which gives it a 3% drop rate chance. Keep in mind that only Soul Reapers and Shinigami characters can utilise Shikai.

How to Unlock the Ink Bankai

You can reroll your Shikai Element with an item called Shikai Reroll, which is dropped after defeating raids – although, it isn’t a guaranteed drop! Plus, Type Soul Codes may also occasionally reward you with a free reroll.

Ink Abilities

The moves that you can perform on the battlefield with the Ink Bankai!

  • Z – Wavefront
    • Move forward and strike your enemy with the paintbrush, covering them in ink whilst applying the Slow debuff
  • X – Nameless
    • When you manage to attack the enemy twice in a row with X, you are able to prevent them from performing any skills in retaliation
      • If an ink drawing of a stop symbol is painted across the enemy, this debuff has worked and has now been applied!
  • C – Droplet
    • Allows you to become one with the ink, as you travel across the ground as an ink puddle
      • The distance that you can travel scales with your total amount of HP
    • When timed right, you can launch up and attack your enemy with ink as you reappear

Ink Bankai Weapon

When wielding the Ink Bankai, you must use the Paintbrush. It makes sense, given that the Bankai revolves around attacking enemies with literal ink. Plus, it looks pretty unique, as you deal damage and debuffs with a giant brush!