What To Do With Treasure Chests In Palia

There are many hidden Treasure Chests to discover in the world of Palia. Tucked away in coastal mountains or fished from the ocean, Treasure Chests are often drenched in seaweed or have an ornate, wooden design. However, when there is nothing inside such mysterious items, some may wonder what to do with empty Treasure Chests in Palia to de-clutter their inventory space.


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While some chests in Palia have more value or contain other items, empty chests only really have a specific function and are quite different from other items in the game. That said, it can still be worth picking up a few treasure chests to help with other activities in the game, such as creating a cozy homestead.

What To Do With Treasure Chests In Palia?

palia treasure chests house decoration

In Palia, empty Treasure Chests are considered Customization Items that only serve a decorative function to help spruce up the interior or exterior of your housing plot. Not to be confused with chests containing Palia’s Embseeker Medallions or Stormseeker Medallions, empty Treasure Chests don’t have many more purposes beyond decorating.

Empty Treasure Chests come in several different types and styles, including uncommon, rare, and epic varieties, and from Standard to Pirate or Ancient.

Decorate Your Homestead With Treasure Chests In Palia

palia stacking empty treasure chests

Treasure Chests can add a cozy, rustic touch to your home decor, depending on your preferences. For instance, you could try placing one in the corner of your house as a statement piece or under a windowsill to give the appearance of a makeshift seat.

Alternatively, you can stack Treasure Chests on top of one another to keep them together or use them as a surface to place other decorative items on top, like lamps or other trinkets. You can also change their position after placing them.

Store Or Bin Treasure Chests In Palia

palia treasure chest inventory

Unfortunately, you can’t sell empty Treasure Chests in Zeki’s shop or your shipping bin, so you can’t use them to help make money in Palia. You also can’t store items inside empty Treasure Chests or use them in crafting. This is also a shame, given that it’s easy to gather quite a collection of Treasure Chests through fishing or just by spotting them out in the open, especially around Bahari Bay, where there are many hidden Chests to find via gliding, climbing, and general exploration.

If you want to free up your inventory but don’t want to bin any just yet, you could store Treasure Chests inside a Storage Container. However, you can use your inventory’s bin option to destroy them in the Inventory Menu if you’re not fussed about keeping them or if you’ve just got too many.

Give Treasure Chests As Gifts In Palia

Tish Palia Villager

You could also try giving Treasure Chests to Palia‘s romanceable characters to increase your friendship or romance levels with them. While most Palians often prefer food items as gifts or fished-up objects like Waterlogged Boots at best, some characters like Tish will accept Treasure Chests as gifts.



August 10, 2023

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