Underrated Simulation Games For Switch


  • Simulation games like
    Animal Crossing
    Microsoft Flight Simulator
    have spiked in popularity.
  • Switch has a wealth of simulation games, including
    Story of Seasons
    Bear and Breakfast
  • Unique simulation games like
    Bee Simulator
    Easy Come Easy Golf
    offer engaging experiences.

Simulation games have been on a massive spike lately, especially with games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Microsoft Flight Simulator becoming major hits over the last few years. These games have ways of putting players in positions of living their lives as if they were living someone else’s. And there are plenty of simulation games out there for people to experience.


10 Best Pixel Simulator Games

Pixel games have grown in popularity, especially in the simulator genre, and these are the best examples of this amazing style.

One of the best platforms for simulation games is Nintendo Switch, which has embraced the simulation genre more than any other console. Because there are so many, it’s important to look deep into the Switch’s library, as some of the best ones out there are not getting people’s attention.

Updated on April 6, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: The Nintendo Switch is one of the best video game consoles of all time, serving as a major comeback for the company after the bombastic failure of the Wii U. The combination of home and portable console technology was a major hit, with the Switch serving as a hub for some of Nintendo’s best games. There is a wealth of games from different genres on the Switch that are a blast to check out, including the simulation genre that has seen major waves on the hybrid console.

23 Harvest Moon: The Winds Of Anthos

The Overabundance Of Games In This Genre Reduced The Attention This Game Got

Harvest Moon The Winds of Anthos Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

September 26, 2023

The controversy surrounding the very name Harvest Moon itself has caused many hardcore sim fans to shun any new games made under this IP. While this hatred is understandable, it shouldn’t take away anything from the fun players can have while playing Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos.

There are some annoyances that players have to deal with while playing this game, but the simulation gameplay is pretty solid otherwise. As long as players are willing to ignore the ever-present controversy, The Winds of Anthos is a perfectly serviceable game for players to spend their time on.

22 Harvestella

Lost In The Sea Of Farming Sims With RPG Elements



Live Wire

November 4, 2022

Square Enix’s deluge of releases has proven to be a bit too overwhelming for most players. As a result, many of their games have been overlooked before they could make a major splash, with Harvestella being one of them.

The combination of farming and RPG elements is something fans have seen over and over again, but Harvestella does just enough to do justice to these concepts. It may not be the most innovative game around, but it’s worth checking out for players who want to enjoy a polished version of the farming sim/RPG hybrid gameplay.

21 Bee Simulator

Playing As A Bee Is More Interesting Than Players Would Assume

Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator

November 12, 2019

Varsav Game Studios

A lot of modern simulation games on Switch and other platforms sell themselves almost entirely on their gimmicks which can often leave players feeling disappointed once they realize just how shallow their shiny new game really is. While this scenario can be incredibly common when dealing with simulation games surrounding insects, animals, or objects, it is not at all the case when it comes to Bee Simulator. The humble bumblebee serves as the perfect vessel to transport players far far away from the problems of everyday life.

It’s surprisingly easy to become lost while exploring the game’s world, just as it is to find oneself fretting over the troubles of their furry little friends. The team over at Varsav Game Studios did a fantastic job fleshing out the game’s mechanics and concepts far beyond the standard ‘you are a bee’ theming that lesser developers would have settled for. When all’s said and done, the game provides players with a chance to see the world from a different perspective that will likely be incredibly different than anything they’ve experienced before.

20 Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

The Lack Of The Harvest Moon Name Does Nothing To Take Away From This Game’s Soul

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

July 14, 2020


It may no longer bear the Harvest Moon name, but the heart and soul of the series can still be found throughout Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. This 3D remake of the 2003 GBA classic looks and plays great and serves as a great example of how classic franchises can reinvent themselves for the modern era without needing to start from scratch.


10 Best Harvest Moon & Story Of Seasons Games Of All Time, Ranked

The Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons franchise has a lot of charming entries under its belt. These are the very best.

Friends of Mineral Town was always one of the better Harvest Moon titles and so it should come as little surprise that the remake is one of the best simulation games on the Switch. A few harsh reviews prevented it from attaining the kind of average rating it deserves, but it’s not a game that needs to rely on critical acclaim or past reputations to make its point. It is a game that can provide hours of content to anybody willing to give it a chance. Those who do might find it difficult to put it down again afterward.

19 Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Spying On Unsuspecting People Makes For A Surprisingly Engaging Time

A Do Not Feed The Monkeys screenshot of the security camera grid on the desktop

Nothing screams simulation than watching life play out and being told not to interact with it. But Do Not Feed The Monkeys explores the morality of being able to watch people through security footage without them realizing it and investigating their every move.

The ability to spy also comes with the ability to interact with the people who are being spied on, but there is a risk in assisting people as it could expose the exclusive club the player is in. Plus, players will need to worry about having enough money to pay rent and take care of their hunger/sleep situation as well.

18 Fae Farm

A Hidden Gem In The Vastly Populated Farming Simulator Genre

Two individuals, one of which is in a witch's hat, sitting on stools on either side of a barrel table with candles, mugs, and a fruit platter on it in Fae Farm

Fae Farm

September 8, 2023

Phoenix Labs

The farming simulator has gotten a lot of legs over recent years, with tons of indies coming out that fit under the label. However, there is something incredibly unique about Fae Farm, a game that is about settling in the beautiful and magical world of Azoria.

Featuring co-op with up to three other players, players can set up their new home in the town, get to know the residents, and explore to discover all the secrets that are hiding around the island. Magic is a key part of the gameplay, such as making potions and casting spells when fighting enemies.

17 Arcade Paradise

It’s A Lot Of Fun To Make An Old-School Arcade, Even If The Game’s Presentation Could Use Some Work

An Arcade Paradise screenshot of the Video Game Hall

Arcade Paradise

August 11, 2022

Nosebleed Interactive

Needing to run a business is a common trope in some of the best sim games on Switch, but what if the business that the player is assigned can turn into something both completely different and really cool? That’s the general premise of Arcade Paradise.

Players own a laundry mat and must complete tasks to keep the business running. However, as time progresses, players can slowly turn the business into a full-blown arcade with 35 cabinets that are playable. Each of these cabinets can be played alone or with local multiplayer, with players being able to chase high scores.

16 Spiritfarer

A Cozy Game Focused On Letting Spirits Peacefully Pass On To The Afterlife

Stella embracing a reindeer spirit on a boat while their cat Daffodil watches on the side in Spiritfarer


August 18, 2020

Thunder Lotus Games , Kowloon Nights , Canada Media Fund

Similar to Stardew Valley, Spiritfarer is an indie simulation game that got a lot of love when it debuted in 2020. But Thunder Lotus Games stopped adding updates to the game by the end of 2021, thus not committing to supporting the game long-term. Because of this, it is easy to forget how special Spiritfarer was at its launch.


Spiritfarer: All Spirits, Ranked

Players will meet some amazing and colorful characters in Spiritfarer. Here’s a look at each Spirit, ranked.

As Stella the ferrymaster, players will manage a boat that carries spirits to their afterlife. Just like other simulation games, players will collect resources through various means and use them in crafting to improve the sailing experience. But the game stands out for the various characters Stella meets along the way and for learning to deal with parting ways with them.

15 Speaking Simulator

Moving A Robot’s Mouth To Emulate Speech Is Surprisingly Fun

Speaking Simulator

Sometimes, it’s just hard to get the right words out. It’s even harder to speak when one is a robot trying to pose as a human being. In Speaking Simulator, the player takes on the role of a robot that looks very human-like. The goal of the game is to take on scenarios that require a lot of talking.

The mechanics revolve around the player moving the mouth and tongue in ways so they can perfectly sound out the words the robot is trying to say. It will be important to try to get it as exact as possible or there is a risk the robot’s face will blow up.

14 Beat Cop

An Underappreciated Game Where Players Take On The Role Of A Disgraced Cop Who Must Clear His Name

Promotional art for Beat Cop

Beat Cop

March 30, 2017

Pixel Crow, Crunching Koalas, Pixel Crow Games

It may be more of an adventure game, but Beat Cop simulates the life of a detective who is looking to dig deep into the secrets around him. This pixel-art game set in the 1980s follows a former cop who was framed for murder.

The goal of the game is to explore the nonlinear story structure by walking around the city and finding clues. Interrogate people who may know a thing or two to help get to the bottom of what really happened. Along the way, there will be people standing in the detective’s way to prevent the investigation from proceeding.

13 PowerWash Simulator

A Simple, Relaxing Game That Involves A Lot Of Cleaning

A van with the logo "Power Wash Services" displayed on it being hosed down in PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator

May 19, 2021


Simulation games can sometimes be a bit stressful, but PowerWash Simulator offers an experience that is surprisingly soothing given that it revolves around performing a massive chore. That’s because using a power washer can sometimes be incredibly satisfying.

Across a story mode that has numerous levels, players will be tasked with cleaning up various objects and settings, from vehicles to backyards. The size of the task drastically increases over the campaign, but there is no pressure to do it all in one sitting nor is there one way to start the job. Plus, the game has rolled out numerous free and paid updates since its launch.

12 Kill It With Fire

Killing Spiders Creatively Is A Blast, Even If It May Be Simple

TNT placed around a toilet in Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire

October 17, 2020

Casey Donnellan Games LLC

There are a lot of people who aren’t a fan of spiders showing up in their homes. In Kill It With Fire, the simulator can give these people the tools to get rid of them in the most destructive and chaotic fashion they dreamed of.


10 Hardest Management Simulation Games, Ranked

Management simulation games are a popular way to sit back and unwind, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy

The action game puts players in a situation where they can pick up various tools and weapons that they can use to take out spiders. These weapons range from regular bug spray to explosives. The environments themselves can be destroyed, which is part of the fun. Those who have arachnophobia can play as the game has a toggle for them.

11 House Flipper

The Simple Act Of Cleaning Up Houses And Renovating Them Is More Engaging Than Most People Would Assume

House Flipper

House Flipper

May 17, 2018

Empyrean, Frozen District

If great simulation games are what a player wants, House Flipper is a perfect place to start. The game puts the player in the shoes of a house flipper, as the title suggests, who goes into houses that are in complete disarray and turns them into houses they can sell.

This game gives a first-person look into what it is like to deal with the worst of homes and the need to restore them from the ground up. From knocking down walls to installing new appliances and pipes, the game makes cleaning a house feel fun.

10 My Time At Portia

An Underrated Life Sim That Deserves More Love

My Time At Portia

My Time at Portia

January 15, 2019

Pathea Games

Similar to Stardew Valley and inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, My Time At Portia teleports the player to the town of Portia where they will work to restore a workshop by growing crops and raising animals. There’s plenty to interact within the world as well, with villagers who need assistance that could lead to a better town as a whole.

There’s even a battle element to the game that includes needing to defeat enemies to get more loot. Overall, players can log many hours into this experience.

9 Doraemon Story Of Seasons

A Farming Sim Featuring The Doraemon Characters That Fans Will Love If They Give It A Chance

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Doraemon: Story of Seasons

Marvelous , Brownies

Doubling as an RPG, Doraemon: Story Of Seasons brings together a popular Manga and a video game series for one adorable simulation. Doraemon and his friends have been transported to a different world and must live on a farm until they figure out a way to get back to their own world.

With the help of a local resident named Lunch, Doraemon must embrace life in this new world by not only tending to the farm but meeting new friends along the way. The pace of Doraemon Story Of Seasons is relaxing and will allow players to get sucked into it for long stretches of time.

8 Cozy Grove

Day-To-Day Gameplay That’s As Cozy As They Come

A Cozy Grove screenshot of the player standing by and shaking an orange tree

Cozy Grove

Spry Fox

April 8, 2021

There are not many simulation games for Switch that attempt the real-life day-by-day gameplay format of Animal Crossing because it may not be appealing to those who aren’t already fans of the Nintendo franchise. However, Cozy Grove takes the bold step of doing this and makes it worth logging in every single day.


Great Games To Try If You Enjoyed Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator can be a great experience for sim buffs. Here’s a look at similar titles if you’re looking for something fun to play next.

Players take the role of a Spirit Scout who takes care of local ghosts who are living on the island by doing tasks for them. Most of it includes gathering materials and finding collectibles around the island to deliver to the ghosts. Of course, some materials can be used to decorate the campsite that the player is staying at.

7 Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition

The Simple Act Of Constructing Bridges Makes For A Great Time

A simple bridge in Bridge Constructor: Ultimate Edition

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition

Nintendo Switch

ClockStone Software

January 31, 2020

A big theme amongst many simulations is the ability to build things. Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition is the perfect simulation game for people who want to try their hand at building the perfect structures for different vehicles to cross.

The game has a total of 40 levels that are set across five different biomes. Each level will test whether or not the player can build a bridge that is not only functional but can withstand the test of time as more and more cars drive over the bridge. There is also a free-build mode for players who want to build the bridge of their dreams.

6 Bear And Breakfast

Manage An Inn And Ensure That Customers Are As Happy As Can Be

A Bear and Breakfast screenshot of the bear wearing a hat outside of the inn

Bear and Breakfast

July 28, 2022

Gummy Cat

It’s nice to have a game that is both charming in its story and its gameplay, and Bear and Breakfast does a nice job balancing both of these to make it one of the best simulation games for Switch. As noted by the title, the game stars a bear who is tasked to run a bed and breakfast.

Bear and Breakfast gives players tasks to complete to make sure the space they create fits the needs of those who are staying at the inn. Along the way, players will get to explore the world to collect resources and interact with characters that are both hilarious and mysterious at the same time.

5 Easy Come Easy Golf

A Simple Golf Simulation Game That A Lot Of People Haven’t Paid Attention To

A golf player swinging their club at the start of a hole in Easy Come Easy Golf

Easy Come Easy Golf
Nintendo Switch , iOS

April 2, 2021

Clap Hanz

Clap Hanz is known for its history of golf games, especially on PlayStation. However, the studio launched its newest golf game Easy Come Easy Golf on the Nintendo Switch with very little fanfare. However, this title has just as much magic as previous titles from the same developers.


5 Upcoming Life Simulation Games

Fans of life simulators will have a lot of interesting choices throughout the upcoming years. These are some of the most highly anticipated options.

The game offers both single-player and multiplayer options. Play against others online in World Tournament mode or look to earn rewards alone by playing in Tour Mode. Players can earn various characters and courses by playing in this mode, as well as costumes that characters can wear.

4 Very Very Valet

Being A Valet Makes For A Simple Yet Great Time That More Players Can Check Out

The car wash level in Very Very Valet

Very Very Valet
PC , PS5 , Nintendo Switch

May 25, 2021


Speaking of vehicles, what is it like to be a valet? The Switch-exclusiveVery Very Valet puts players right in their shoes. This simulation game on Switch can be a solo experience or a party game with up to four players.

Play alone or with friends to take on more than 20 different levels that will test any valet skills. The controls are also simple enough that make trying to park a car correctly a lot easier than doing so in real life. The world itself is colorful and filled with puppet characters, making it a perfect combination for one of the best simulation games on Nintendo Switch.