Dead Sim Sends Condolences to Themselves


  • One Sims 4 player discovers a strange glitch in the game, causing a deceased Sim to text their condolences to their living relatives.
  • It’s unlikely that Maxis can patch every glitch in the game due to continuous updates and player discoveries.

A Sims 4 player has discovered a strange glitch in the game, which causes a recently-deceased Sim to offer condolences to their own living family members. The Sims 4 takes players through the entire life cycle of a Sim, from birth until death, but it seems this one character was not ready to say goodbye.

With The Sims 4 now approaching 10 years old, players have found a ton of interesting glitches in the game over the years. At this point, none of the glitches are particularly game-breaking, which makes it much easier to see the funny side of these bugs. One Sims 4 bug even accused a Sim of being too poor to think, which is one of the more bizarre issues found in the game. Although Maxis continues to update The Sims 4 with frequent new content to this day, it’s unlikely the developer will ever be able to patch out every issue with the game.


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A Sims 4 player online manages to recreate their real-life cat in the game with incredible detail, all the way down to the individual markings.

Redditor IrisCore15 shared the bizarre bug with the Sims 4 community online, showing their recently departed Sim texting the living family members to offer condolences. One user in the thread joked about the issue, calling the Sim “the ultimate people pleaser.” According to IrisCore15, the texts didn’t stop there, with the Sim also continuing to text to ask their grieving mother for dating advice. It’s not clear if these are base game ghosts or if they’re affected by an expansion or a Sims 4 mod, which could impact how ghosts behave in the game.

Sending Condolences From Beyond the Grave in The Sims 4

Ghosts in The Sims 4 have been a staple for a long time now, giving players a way to continue to interact with their favorite characters after they pass away. There are several intended interactions in this regard, reminding players of their previous Sims in a long-term save file. However, it’s extremely likely that a dead Sim continuing to text living relatives is in no way an intended feature from Maxis.

With the age of The Sims 4, it’s only natural that some players are looking to the future of the franchise. EA and Maxis have been relatively quiet about the possibility of The Sims 5, and it’s believed that the upcoming Project Rene could be the title that gamers have been waiting for. Recently, The Sims 5‘s map leaked, although in cases like this, it’s important to remember that these things are subject to change. It remains to be seen when Maxis will reveal The Sims 5, although it’s safe to say that the general sentiment among the community is that it’s long overdue.

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The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the latest offering from Maxis and The Sims Studio, serving as a sequel to The Sims 3. Although it was released back in 2014, the game is still going strong today thanks to an array of DLC add-on packs that give players access to more unlockable items and events.

September 2, 2014

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