WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 Has a Surprise for Hunters


  • Hunters can finally tame Core Hounds in WoW Classic Phase 3, using a special item obtained through a questline.
  • Season of Discovery introduces the Infernal Lasso for taming Core Hounds, adding to the exotic pet options for Hunters.
  • While not the strongest pet, Core Hounds are popular due to their fierce appearance, making them a desirable choice for many players.

Hunter players in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery can obtain a special item that lets them tame Core Hounds in Phase 3. Though fans could tame these fiery beasts in retail World of Warcraft for a while, this is the first time Hunters have been able to get one in Classic Era.

Core Hounds are an iconic World of Warcraft creature fans encounter in the Molten Core, one of the game’s first raids. These two-headed monsters were made tameable in Wrath of the Lich King via Beast Mastery’s Exotic Pets trait, after which they became a popular tanking pet due to their powerful abilities and fearsome presence.


WoW Classic Seasons of Discovery Phase 3 Adds Iconic Dungeon, but There’s a Catch

Season of Discovery Phase 3 opens the gates on one World of Warcraft’s most memorable dungeons, but there’s an detail fans should be aware of.

Now, World of Warcraft Classic fans can tame a Core Hound in Season of Discovery as well. Players can obtain a special item during the Hunter quest to get the Rune of the Ravenous, which begins in the Searing Gorge at level 45 – halfway to the new WoW Classic Season of Discovery level cap of 50. At the end of the questline, fans get the Infernal Lasso, a special trinket that can be used to bind beasts and demons in place, dealing damage over time to them. However, when used on a Core Hound, it also allows the Hunter to tame them.

How to Tame Core Hound Hunter Pets in WoW Classic SoD

  • Reach level 45 on a Hunter character and go to the cave west of the Searing Gorge flight point.
  • Find the Weathered Etching in the top-middle section of the cave and accept The Burning Beast quest.
  • Travel to Bloodmage Lynnore in the Blasted Lands, then get five Infernal Chain Links from Shadowsworn mobs in the zone.
  • Return to Bloodmage Lynnore, then find and defeat Calefactus the Unleashed.
  • Turn in the final quest to Bloodmage Lynnore and receive the Infernal Lasso, enabling the taming of Core Hound mobs (including Calefactus), as well as the WoW Classic SoD Hunter Rune for Rapid Killing.

Unfortunately, Season of Discovery Core Hounds aren’t as powerful as their Dragonflight World of Warcraft Hunter pet counterparts right now. They have a relatively slow attack speed, and their fire breath attack doesn’t do a lot of damage, though it seems to be AoE. That said, their intimidating appearance is more than enough for many players to tame Core Hounds, so fans shouldn’t be discouraged from choosing them if they wish.

This isn’t the first time Season of Discovery has added a special pet for Hunters to tame. During the first phase, World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery added a way to tame Wyverns, the iconic manticore-like flying creatures often found at Horde flight paths. With a few more phases left in Season of Discovery, there’s no telling what other exotic pets Hunters may be able to tame before the end of the experimental servers.

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