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It’s an arms race to be the best, which is why you need this Type Soul Best Race Guide. My guide tells you my pick for the best race after researching all three options. Including reasons as to why it’s the better race!

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Type Soul Best Race

The best race is a subjective matter due to the nature of it. My pick for the best race may be different from yours because of different playstyles and builds. However, I’ve ensured to craft this guide using research with little race bias to make sure my selection for the best is widely accepted throughout the player base!

Current Best Race – Quincy

Quincy has a large roster of players making Faction Raids that bit simpler to get in on. Winning Faction Raids is critical if you want to make solid progress in Type Soul, as it offers the chance to get exclusive rare loot. Additionally, those within the Quincy race have access to BUSTED weapons that are arguably the strongest in the game.

Adding Blood Vein to the mix which offers a nifty damage reduction and Quincy players seem OP. The Quincy faction has access to more Skill Boxes than any other race. And, the Quincy Medallion that allows the user to steal a Bankai. Not to mention Schrift and Voltstandig, which are abilities comparable in power to Bankai for Soul Reapers.

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Will The Best Race Change?

Likely! This is why I’d recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. As the game continues to evolve through future updates, existing races will be buffed and nerfed causing the true best to shift.