Star Rail Chart Shows Most Popular Pure Fiction 2.1 Characrers


  • Honkai: Star Rail’s Pure Fiction mode update in version 2.1 introduces new enemies and increased difficulty for players.
  • The latest chart reveals that characters like Argenti, Acheron, and Black Swan are the top performers in Pure Fiction mode.
  • Despite complaints about the mode’s difficulty, it appears that developers are unlikely to make Pure Fiction easier to maintain the challenge for players.

A fan-made Honkai: Star Rail chart ranks characters based on their overall performance in the Pure Fiction mode. Honkai: Star Rail‘s Pure Fiction, having met with a mixed reception, received an update in version 2.1 to fix several issues and introduce new enemies to its roster. From what players have said, the latest version of the mode is now a bit harder to complete.

Honkai: Star Rail is nearly halfway through version 2.1, the update that features a variety of content, including new Penacony characters. The space RPG by HoYoverse now offers two event banners, on which Trailblazers can spend Special Rail Passes they once purchased with Stellar Jades to add Acheron to their respective teams. Moreover, Honkai: Star Rail runs a series of interactive events, giving out bountiful rewards like Stellar Jades and ascension materials.


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A new Honkai: Star Rail leak suggests that one of the most popular characters, March 7th, will receive a new form in the upcoming months.

A comprehensive Honkai: Star Rail chart, shared by LvlUrArti on Reddit, has revealed the highest-scoring characters for version 2.1 of the Pure Fiction mode. It turns out that Argenti, Acheron, Black Swan, and Kafka bring more scores than other damage dealers in the game. As expected, Honkai: Star Rail‘s Himeko and Herta are among the highest-scoring Pure Fiction characters, alongside Jingliu and Seele.

Most Used Characters in Honkai: Star Rail’s Pure Fiction

  • Ruan Mei
  • Acheron
  • Sparkle
  • Black Swan
  • Kafka
  • Fu Xuan
  • Pela
  • Herta

According to the chart, Honkai: Star Rail‘s Ruan Mei is the most popular choice for Pure Fiction, with an impressive 77.34% appearance rate. Acheron, on the other hand, ranks second among the most chosen characters with a staggering 67.90% rate. The newest member of the Nihility team seems to be popular with many Pure Fiction teams.

Since Pure Fiction is a brand-new mode, it needs some balance changes, according to players who have been upset with its overwhelming difficulty. Without putting the best damage dealers like Himeko, Jingliu, or Kafka in the team, it’s quite a challenge to take out bosses, which are more tanky compared to their regular versions. Honestly, the developers would better not make Pure Fiction easier, considering this endgame mode is meant to push players to their limits.

Honkai: Star Rail is heading toward version 2.2, the patch that will supposedly add Robin and Boothill to its playable roster. As per beta leaks regarding the next version, the Harmony Trailblazer will officially be introduced alongside their signature weapon. They will reportedly be unlocked when players complete a story mission. In addition to the Harmony Trailblazer, Boothill, and Robin, Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 will promote rerun banners for at least three characters.


Honkai: Star Rail

The fourth entry in HoYoverse’s Honkai franchise, Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG. Utilizing a turn-based combat system, the game includes dungeons, multiple planets, and a gacha system for unlocking new characters. Debuting on April 26, 2023, on PC and mobile, Honkai: Star Rail has also been announced for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

April 26, 2023

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