s1mple calls for a “much better” anticheat like CS2’s biggest rival

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The anti-cheat conversation in CS2 feels like it’s never going to end, and yet another quip has been added. This time, s1mple has chimed in once again, purporting that CS2’s Premier mode “f****** sucks” without a proper anticheat.

In a tweet directing ire at Valve’s current anti-cheat system in Premier, s1mple also compares the system to another rival shooter: “no one gonna grind for rating like in Valorant,” followed by the advice that the best and easiest solution is to make use of FaceIT anticheat finally.

e-Sports influencers and streamers within CS2’s sphere have long been commenting on the issues of Valve’s anti-cheat system, and this time is no different. Premier is utterly packed full of cheaters to the point it’s nearly unplayable – and it has been so since release.

There is equal support for s1mple’s plea. “Honestly, just make the anti-cheat as invasive as possible,” Bradzzthegoat has said on Twitter / X, following this up with the statement that Valve already have access to “$1bn worth of skins” and that access to their game files should be no different. This harks back to the time that banned players were locked out of thousands of dollars worth of skins.

Other critics within the community have commented on the fact that FaceIT is also “infested” with cheaters, and that it’s not a working solution at all despite s1mple0’s initial statement, despite the fact that “Valorant ranked is so much better.”

The most interesting piece of commentary I’ve seen so far goes a step further: “It would be cool to have all new players, amateurs and pros playing in the same official Valve matchmaking,” as opposed to the current system in which pros play outside of the generic matchmaking.