Palworld leaks uncover many new pals and bosses for future updates

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Palworld is one of the most popular and successful games of the year, and it’s only going to get better as Pocketpair continually update the game and gradually add more content. It recently received its first raid battle, but more bosses are seemingly on the way. Following the arrival of Bellanoir, Palworld leaks have uncovered several new pals and bosses that could be joining in future updates.

You can find the full Palworld update patch notes online. It’s definitely worth checking out the entire patch notes as the new evil Bellanoir raid battle is the obvious big addition, but there’s many more unadvertised additions that are just as important such as a new Ore Mining Site building and mercy items that will stop you from unintentionally killing pals.

Bellanoir is a fantastic addition to the game and fans are massively enjoying the emo pal’s addition as a raid battle. Fortunately, they are not the only new addition coming out as datamines have uncovered that a lot more pals and bosses will join Palworld in the future.

Palworld leak uncovers new pals and bosses

Palworld dataminers have uncovered that lots of unreleased new pals have been added to the game code. As shared on the official Pocketpair Discord, there is the following list of unreleased pals added as bosses:

  • Boss KendoFrog
  • Boss CandleGhost
  • Boss WhiteDeer
  • Boss KingWhale
  • Boss MysteryMask
  • Boss HoodGhost
  • Boss Sekhmet
  • Boss ElecLizard
  • Boss MoonQueen

In addition to the above, there’s a screenshot of a boss coded as BOSS_WeaselDragon_Fire. This comes with the accompanying message that ‘they are a fire version of Chillet’ which the community has amusingly dubbed as Grillet.

Image credit: Pocketpair Discord
Palworld grillet leak
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

Chillet is an Ice dragon-type elemental pal already in Palworld, and battling a fire-type version would be neat. Discussing the prospect of Grillet on Reddit, fans have pointed out that recolors and different elemental types of pre-existing pals would be a good way to add new content similar to other monster-catching games such as Digimon and, of course, Pokemon.

None of this is official as of writing, and there’s no indicated timeframe for when Grillet or any of the other uncovered bosses could potentially arrive.

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