How to Dismantle and Salvage Items

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In an ARPG like Last Epoch, inventory management is crucial to prospering towards the endgame, and one way to do so is by dismantling unnecessary items. The title has substantially high drop rates for gear and other resources, which more often than not can clog up the inventory. Hence, salvaging unwanted equipment is one way to make slots for better resources, unless you want to drop them for good.

Unlike its competitors like Dibalo 4, developer Eleventh Hour Games has devised a unique method to dismantle items in Last Epoch, something players might not be familiar with. Therefore, this guide will further explain ways to salvage equipment to free up some inventory space.


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How to Dismantle and Salvage Items in Last Epoch

Rune of Shattering at the Forge Screen in Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, players can dismantle items via the Rune of Shattering. It is a special crafting ingredient that also extracts the sealed affixes and converts them into a shard. The Forge is the only place where an item can be salvaged, and it is denoted by an anvil marker on the map. For ease of use, the developers have also added a Forge menu that can be accessed anywhere by pressing “F.”

Within the menu, there is a dedicated slot in the middle of the screen where items can be inserted from the inventory. Players are strongly advised to select the ones that have no particular use for their character builds in Last Epoch, as the equipment will be permanently destroyed in the process.

The Forge screen has additional slots to insert various crafting ingredients. The Rune of Shattering can be selected via the “Use A Modifier Item”. Once the modifier is in place, an item can be dismantled by clicking on “Shatter.”

This method separates the sealed affixes as shards from the salvaged equipment. The Affix Shards can be further used to craft powerful Legendary Items. Something to remember here is that the Rune of Shattering is ineffective against the following:

  • Unique Items
  • Set Equipment
  • Legendary Items

How to Obtain the Rune of Shattering in Last Epoch

Vendor at The Keepers' Camp in Last Epoch

The Rune of Shattering might not be a limited resource, but it can be expensive since adventurers have to pay a hefty sum of gold to purchase it. Most town vendors sell the modifier at their respective stores, with their stock set to replenish after some time. In the meantime, players can hop to another town for their next purchase.

It is important to use the Rune of Shattering wisely to avoid wasting gold, which is hard to come by, especially early into the campaign. In the late-game, however, the runes are dropped from various enemies and bosses. This sums up everything there is to know about how Last Epoch’s item dismantling works.

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