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Picked Hollow? Or Soul Reaper? Or maybe Quincy? Either way, you’ll need our Type Soul Race tier list. There are various forms to unlock as you progress, let’s find out which are the best to focus on.

Head on over to the Type Soul Roblox page to play now. Don’t forget to take a look at our progression walkthroughs, such as our Type Soul Shinigami Progression guide, and our Type Soul Quincy Progression guide.

Type Soul Race Tier List

With so many evolved forms (Hollows, I’m looking at you), it can be a little confusing when trying to work out which are the best. Admittedly, the final forms are going to be the strongest, but what about those in between?

Type Soul doesn’t include every race from the Bleach franchise just yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be playable in future updates! Anyway, to learn more about our top picks, have a read of our Type Soul Best Race guide that goes into greater detail.

S Tier

The best races to evolve into and play as in Type Soul! It probably comes as no surprise, but the final forms are always going to be the strongest.

  • Arrancar (Hollow progression)
  • Quincy
  • Vasto Lorde (Hollow progression)

A Tier

Some evolved forms are pretty strong! You don’t have to reach the final form to deal high amounts of damage and have the upper hand in battle.

  • Vastocar (Hollow progression)
  • Shinigami
  • Vizard (Quincy progression)
  • Menoscar (Hollow progression)

B Tier

Stepping stones to a better form.

  • Adjuchas (Hollow progression)
  • Soul Reaper Trainee (Shinigami progression)

C Tier

These races should only be used to progress to the next evolved form, due to how weak they are when taking part in combat.

  • Menos Grande (Hollow progression)
  • Soul Reaper (Shinigami progression)
  • Adjucar (Hollow progression)

D Tier

The weakest race and forms in Type Soul.

  • Fishbone (First form of Hollow progression)