Here is everything included in the next Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond

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One great thing about Helldivers 2 is that all of its microtransaction content, such as skins and Premium Warbonds, can be purchased for free by simply playing the game. The Warbond acts as a Battle Pass with all players gaining access to one for just purchasing the game, and so far two Premium Warbonds have been released. The next Premuim Warbond, named Democratic Detonation, is set to launch next week, and we’ve got a look at everything that is going to be included.

An image was shared on Reddit of the items that will be available in the upcoming Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond. In total, there will be three new armor sets, six new weapons and utilities, three emotes, three capes, and three player banners, as well as free Super Credits. Check out everything that will be included below.

Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

Armor Sets

  • CE-07 Demolition Specialist (Light Armor) – Originally worn by Lunar terraformers, this suit can withstand rapid changes in pressure, heat, and personal velocity.
  • CE-27 Ground Breaker (Medium Armor) – “The ground is just another obstacle that hasn’t yet been cleared.” – SGM Janet Jones, Excavation Corps Founder.
  • FS-55 Devastator (Heavy Armor) – Domestic versions of this armor allow colonial farmers to safely plant crops and mines side-by-side while staying in one piece.

Primary Weapons

  • BR-14 Adjudicator – Deliver righteous judgment to your enemies with accuracy. This armour-penetrating assault rifle is best used against smaller groups.
  • CB-9 Exploding Crossbow – Kaboom! Enjoy powerful exploding bolts that dish out max damage upon direct impact. Gravity must be accounted for when aiming.
  • R-36 Eruptor – Keep your distance… this bolt-action rifle fires jet-assisted shells that explode shrapnel in all directions upon impact. All directions. Even your face.


  • GP-31 Grenade Pistol – Does what it says on the label – a pistol that fires grenades. Don’t forget to reload between shots though.
  • Expert Extraction Pilot Booster – Need to get out of a jam fast? This booster lowers the time it takes for the extraction shuttle to reach the extraction beacon. Home in time for dinner.
  • G-123 Thermite – This little beauty can stick to surfaces before burning up to a toasty 2000°C.


  • Harbinger Of True Equality
  • Eagle’s Fury
  • Freedom’s Tapestry


Player Banners

  • Harbinger Of True Equality
  • Eagle’s Fury
  • Freedom’s Tapestry

The response to the upcoming Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond has been very positive so far, with u/Bearfoxman on Reddit being excited for the thermite grenade saying “Can’t wait to somehow stick the thermite grenade to myself, I’m out of new and novel ways to blow myself up at this point.” U/Yanrogue has already predicted some glitches could occur with the new items being added saying “It would be funny if the shield pack bugged the thermite grenade causing it to go off inside your shield bubble.” Even though glitches are annoying, I do hope this one makes its way into the game because I want to see someone get blown up by it.

Players can get access to the Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond on April 11th and as with previous Warbonds it will cost 1,000 Super Credit. These can be purchased for $9.99/£7.99 or can be earned in-game. You can find Super Credits on each page of Warbonds, meaning you can earn them through unlocking the Warbond, or you can often find 10-50 Super Credits in most Helldivers 2 missions. So, if you play the game enough you can easily earn enough to unlock every Warbond and even Store skins for free. So far I have been able to unlock the Premium Warbonds just through natural playtime.

With the upcoming Premium Warbond being on the horizon, it is possible that the Helldivers 2 meta could change if the weapons are viable to use in many situations. But, there are still many weapons, stratagems, and armor to use in the game right now, especially with the latest Major Order taking place this weekend that could shape the future of Helldivers 2 forever. To ensure the Automatons are eradicated for good, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your squad can bring democracy to the robots and finally get rid of them.