Best Manhwa Set In Magic Schools, Ranked

Magic schools take manhwa readers away from the mundane and into the world of the mythical. Individuals with special powers have to go to schools that can cater to their needs and help them hone their skills to become powerful, either as magicians, witches, necromancers, or mages. Manhwa has quite a few collections of stories that tell the lives of characters enrolled in a magical school.

In these schools, it is hard to be ordinary or average because. The mere presence of an individual, both student and teacher, tells the readers that they are not ordinary and they wield extraordinary powers.


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8 Anz

Winfred Academy of Magic

Anz manhwa

  • Creator: Charcoal
  • Number of Chapters: 123

Everyone wants to be the witch of the wind, but not everyone, as Anz does not want to be bothered by the whole fuss. He is quite mysterious; not much is known about him, and he is not ready to spill any secrets or interact with anybody.

At the prestigious Winfred Academy of Magic, Anz finds it difficult to keep a low profile and everyone’s attention away from him. His apathy towards being the witch of the wind certainly draws attention to him, and it turns out that Anz is the next witch of the wind.

7 Lysia Tries The Quiet Life

Lysia Tries The Quiet Life manhwa

  • Creator: Yoo Yerang and Hyojo
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

Even though she wants a quiet life, the quiet life does not want Lysia. Lysia remembers how bad her previous life was, and she wants the complete opposite in her new reincarnated life as Lysia Ambrose. Unfortunately, Lysia has an abusive father, and once she realizes this, she makes a plan to escape him by trying to get into Asteria Academy.

Now a student at Asteria Academy, Lysia sees how hard it is to seek a quiet life with her extraordinary abilities and her appearance. Her school life is the opposite of what she wants, as she stands out and finds herself interacting with the popular students at school.

6 Black Haze

Undercover Student At Helios School Of Magic

Black Haze manhwa

  • Creator: Yong Yong
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

When a mother finds out her son is not fitting well in school, she seeks help. Help comes in the form of Rood Chrishi, the strongest magician in their world. Rood decides to act as a student to learn the root cause of the son not fitting in at school.


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At Helios, Rood quickly finds out why the student is not fitting in and why they call him a monster. Black Haze perfectly blends life at Helios with action and drama as Rood gets entangled in sticky situations trying to do his job.

5 Necromancer Academy And The Genius Summoner

Recruited By The Witch Of Death To Attend the Top Academy For Necromancers

Necromancer Academy And The Genius Summoner manhwa

  • Creator: Iljesagyeok and Hazelnutz
  • Number of Chapters: Still publishing

Black magic is still magic, regardless of its dark and questionable nature. The users of black magic, necromancers, are feared because of their ability to conjure and control the dead. The main character of Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner, Simon, is known to be a talented necromancer. In fact, he is so talented that the Witch of the Death had to make an appearance to get him to attend the top necromancer academy in their world.

As a student at Kizen, Simon has the opportunity to hone his skills and become even more powerful. Because he is super talented and a genius, his professors are in awe of him, and they want to study him. This young boy enjoys battling the unknown and always wants to learn, making him the perfect student.

4 Becoming A Magic School Mage

A Graduate Who Never Wanted To Go Back Becomes A Student Of Einrogard

Becoming A Magic School Mage manhwa

  • Creator: Guelsseuneun Gigye
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

Ehan is done with school. He has no plans to further his studies after graduating and just wants to live a stress-free life, but fate decides to have fun with him. He dies, and he is reborn into a family of mages, and he is required to attend a magic school.


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This manhwa is set at Eingroad, a magical school which Ehan has to attend to become a mage. Although he has given up on school, he still goes through it. One thing he knows is that in order to pass through smoothly, he has to get good grades.

3 The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

Protagonist Reincarnates As A Student Of Westroad Academy

The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years manhwa cover

  • Creator: Nakhasan and Kim Deok-yong
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

The archmage the title refers to is Lucas Trowman. During his time, he was the greatest and most powerful archmage until a demigod decided he was done with Lucas and cursed him with madness for the rest of eternity. However, after 4000 long years of being mad, Lucas finally snaps out of it and is sent back to the real world in the body of a student, Frei Blake.

Lucas cannot believe his luck, as Blake is the opposite of what he was in his day: an untalented mage. However, as a student of the Westroad Academy for Mages and with the great archmage living in him, Blake stands a chance. Now, he plans to get powerful once again and defeat the demigod.

2 The Academy’s Undercover Professor

The Protagonist Goes Undercover As A Professor At Coeren Academy

The Academy’s Undercover Professor manhwa

  • Creator: Sayren and WAG
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

At the rate at which he changes his identity, the main character of this manhwa probably cannot remember his real identity. After being involved in an accident, he is reborn as Ludger Cherish, who happens to be a professor at the prestigious Coeren Academy, teaching magic.

One would think the life of a professor would be calm and without problems. However, the real Ludger Cherish was involved in some shady activities. Now the main character, who acts as the new Ludger Cherish, must navigate through the web of his new life, both within the academy and outside.

1 A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Returning To Student Life At Hebrion Academy

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special manhwa

  • Creator: Yu So-nan and Uk-jakga
  • Number of Chapters: Still Publishing

After spending over 10 years fighting in the shadow world, his efforts are about to be in vain, but Desir is lucky enough to see the nice side of fate as his life rewinds on the brink of dying. He is now going back to when he was a student at Hebrion Academy, studying magic.

Armed with information about the future, Desir is not about to make the same mistake twice and lose his loved ones and friends. He utilizes his time at Hebrion Academy to work and train twice as hard to ensure that he and the people around him are strong enough to face the battle that lies ahead and come out victorious.


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