Play Together is the latest game to get the Hello Kitty treatment with new Sanrio collab

  • Play Together is the latest game to get the Hello Kitty treatment in their new collab
  • Sanrio is set to bring their iconic Hello Kitty characters to the social gaming hub of Play Together
  • You’ll be able to check out the Sanrio Hotel and collect themed items

Play Together, the social gaming hub experience is set to be the latest game to get the Hello Kitty treatment as the iconic Sanrio mascots make the jump to Kaia Island. You’ll be able to explore the Sanrio Hotel, meet your favourite Hello Kitty characters and collect themed items based on them.

Yep, it seems that Hello Kitty isn’t just for 90’s kitsch anymore as the character has made an extreme comeback, although some people would say she never left. But now, in Play Together you can collect the new Hello Kitty Hotel Gown, the Hello Kitty Hotelier Uniform, and the Hello Kitty Bath Bucket (Vehicle), among other items by collecting event coins when you complete quests for Hello Kitty herself.


So as it turns out, yes, Hello Kitty remains a brand powerhouse, one of the most popular in the world. Which can be odd for those of us who remember her as a relatively brief trend when we were younger. But now with the character, alongside other Sanrio mascots, appearing in-game they’re sure to get a big boost in popularity from the number of players that Play Together has.

Functioning like a sort of pseudo-social game, Play Together brings together a lot of elements seen in other games. You can build your own home, interact with other players, complete minigames and collect items to dress up your avatar with. It’s also seen plenty of updates to those games, adding more and more things to do. So could Hello Kitty bring in a whole new host of players? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

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