Death Stranding 2 and Physint

Let’s take a closer look to the next level of gaming experiences. We’re talkin’ about Death Stranding 2 and Physint.

Hideo Kojima, the visionary games author behind Metal Gear Solid and Death stranding, is an extremely important figure inside the gaming industry. Not only a great author but a legend, an inspiration, a mind with a clear vision of the future of gaming and the road he needs to take to evolve.

Hideo Kojima, the Legend behind Metal Gear Solid and Death stranding.

Every game created by Kojima and his team has an immortal soul and the most important thing: the playability at its maximum level. Still today many games forget this core mechanic, in favor of some doubtfuls artistic choices.

All Kojima’s games search for the perfect balance between gameplay, movielike story, graphics and playability.

This perfect equilibrium is reached up by the high work on the level design, like in Metal Gear Solid (1998) and two Sons of Liberty). In fact every level was created with lego.

With some micro cameras, Kojima checks all shots and camera movements.

In Metal Gear Solid 3 (Snake Eater), Kojima called an expert of CQC to obtain the perfect realism in the combat moves. Complex research has been done about Metal Gear Solid 3. To obtain the best simulation of survival mechanics like cooking snakes and healing many parts of the body in the most possible realistic ways.

Kojima after Konami’s experience opened his own studio: Kojima Productions.

The Great Deal of Physint

There is little information about Physint, the “heir of Metal Gear Solid” like Kojima says in an interview.

The objective of kojima productions is to destroy the barrier between cinema and games.

This can be a hard challenge but they can be broken by using the latest cinematic technologies. Like the Led Wall, used with Mandalorian..

The Led Wall is used by Kojima Productions, for Death Stranding 2, with impressive results. Another technology is the virtual set technology, used by James Cameron for Avatar and upgraded with Avatar 2 and 3.

This last can be the most possible choice for Hideo Kojima, considering the start of the works in the Columbia Pictures Studios. Physint can bring the gaming industry to a new level of perfection and innovation.

These are Kojima’s words: “if your mother enters the room, she thinks you watch a movie” can be a perfect continuity between gameplay and cinematic sequences.

The graphics for sure can be something we can’t imagine and the quality of acting and the cast will be perfect, like all Kojima games.

We only need to wait.

Let’s Discover Death Stranding 2

Death stranding 2: On the Beach is the closest game of Kojima Productions.

The game will come in 2025, with only GTA VI  as a hard competitor (for now), but after the last trailer, Rockstar needs to start trembling.

Kojima has talked about many aspects of the characters, like those played by Elle Fanning (actress and model) and George Miller (director of Mad Max).

The new design of Higgs is inspired by The Crow with the iconic tech style of Death Stranding world. In this title he becomes more crazy and like Kojima said, he sings many times (another original musical scene, like Alan Wake 2?).

About the Plot

The new story brings Sam to a new continent. This time with a contract for Draw bridges, the new private company of Fragile. Now he has the support of a mobile flying ship, very similar to the head of the Metal Gear Rex.

This ship can support Sam in his journey, this time more dangerous. Sam has some new enemies, an unknown military group called CA and the most dangerous: the environment.

The environment in Death stranding 2 changes in real time. In the trailer a flood destroys a bridge and modifies the terrain, destroying the vegetation.

Other things that can happen at any time are landslides. Entire mountains can fall, changing the area in unpredictable ways. An incredible thing can happen is the burnings in the forests. This situation can upgrade the experience of the first chapter.

Death stranding 2 and Physint: Release Dates

Death stranding 2 is the closest to release, with an unknown release date in 2025. The game needs time to be perfect and it will be worth it.

Physint’s date is unknown, and the work is just beginning. Kojima always knows perfectly how to surprise the audience.

Keep you waiting, uh!?

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