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Craving a challenge that rewards bloodthirst? This Type Soul Segunda Guide can help with that! The Segunda pipeline is the pinnacle of a Hollow’s evolution, and it’s no easy feat to get there. However, with the help of this guide, you’ll know how to reach the apex of the Hollow race.

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Type Soul Segunda Guide

Before attempting the Segunda route, you should know the few necessary obstacles that stand before you. This is to ensure you’re willing to put in the grind to becoming a Segunda. As I said, it’s not easy and the preparations alone are enough to discourage some players.

  • Hollow – Naturally, you need to have selected the Hollow race to become a Segunda. This guide is hardly helpful to those belonging to the Quincy and Shinigami factions.
  • Vasto Lorde – This is the final stage before advancing to Arrancar including a tricky boss fight which you only get one try at… Good luck!
  • Ressurection – For this, you’ll need to have unlocked both your Partial Ressurection and Full Ressurection before attempting to reach Segunda.

Becoming Segunda Etapa

If you’ve braved the other challenges and succeeded you can now become a Segunda. Well, almost. You now have to activate the quest which will transform you into your final and frankly, unnervingly terrifying form.

First head to Menos Forest located down a small gap within Hueco Mundo. Using the large roots, climb into the cliff wall where you’ll spot an ominous black orb perched atop a stone staff. This familiar location is where you initially obtained your Full Res, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Interact with the staff to receive your quest.

The Staff will give you the following quest: Defeat 35 players in battle. It seems simple enough, but the players you kill must qualify with the following traits:

  • Have achieved Bankai/Full Res/Vollstandig unlocked
  • Be using their unlocked Bankai/Full Res/Vollstandig form when defeated
  • Return to the Staff within the cave after completion

Top Tip: You can cheese this process somewhat since kill assists count towards your overall tally!