The Finals Light players are getting a lot of hate

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The Finals is a game that is designed to fit all play styles. Whether you like to run and gun with an SMG and traverse the map using zip lines and jump pads, or be more slow-paced and pick your opponents off one by one and provide support for your team, The Finals has you covered. But, one thing all competitive games struggle with is balancing, often with one load out or play style being too overpowered to the point it becomes the meta and you are at a disadvantage if you don’t use it. 

Currently, being a run-and-gun SMG player is the meta in The Finals, with most matches being filled with primarily Light players. This has led to much of the community being toxic towards them and demanding Embark Studios nerf the Light build to make Medium and Heavy more viable. But, some Light players have had enough of the criticism and have taken to Reddit to try and make peace with other players.

U/Downtown-Ad4335 asked other players to just be friends and get along, pointing out that there are not many The Finals players and that they don’t want to “see the numbers go down anymore.” This comes after The Finals has seen a 67% drop in players following the Season 2 hype dying off. U/Isariamkia made a counter to the original post saying “I don’t hate good lights. I hate lights that don’t play with the team or aren’t helpful in any way.” This is a very common point as many Light players don’t bring useful items to help the team win and instead focus on just racking up eliminations. 

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U/Minaro detailed how when a Light player is focused on being part of the team and utilizing their strengths, a team can dominate a match saying “My buddy and I played with a light rando recently and they kicked ass. The rando ran around the immediate area taking heat and picking off solo players. We both felt the effect he had on the overall flow of the game. Enemies that got to the vault were usually already weakened and much more disorganized than usual. If a team was able to make a solid push into the room, they were immediately flanked by the light rushing in from the other side. Honestly, it was pretty awesome and definitely shows how Lights can be a team player.”

With The Finals being a very team-based game there is little room to just focus on playing solo. This could be a hint to Embark Studios that a regular free-for-all mode could be something to allow players who favor the solo play style to be able to do just that and allow objective-based lobbies to be full of players who prefer that style of gameplay. 

Whether you’re a run-and-gunner or focused on the objectives, The Finals is one of the best shooters to be released in quite some time. With Season 2 in full swing, there isn’t a better time to jump into the free-to-play game than now. To get started, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals Light build guide, Medium build guide, and Heavy build guide to help you figure out where you will fit into your team.