Stone Age: Digital Edition, adaptation of the classic board game is now ava

  • Begin your own Stone Age village and watch it flourish into a prosperous civilization
  • Gather resources, build tools, and buildings, and ensure everyone is well fed
  • Costs $7.99 or your regional equivalent on the App Store

Acram Digital has just announced the release of their latest title, Stone Age: Digital Edition, inspired by the classic board game of the same name. It is currently available on iOS, with plans to release on Android and Nintendo Switch in the future. It has been optimised for mobile and will feature regular updates and online seasons alongside options for cross-platform gameplay with your buddies.

In Stone Age: Digital Edition, you’ll step into the shoes of a prehistoric human, tasked with gathering resources, constructing buildings, and advancing the tribe’s culture. Begin with ancient tools and gradually progress to greater levels of knowledge as you make use of wood, stone, and gold. The environment is harsh and unforgiving, and you’ll have to make the most of the limited spaces on the board.

The goal of the title is to make you experience the lives of our ancestors. From breaking stones to cleaning gold in the rivers, you’ll be doing everything in this board game. Some amount of luck is naturally required as well because building your own civilization from scratch is no easy task.

Stone Age has pretty simple rules, with each turn being broken down into three little ones. You must first place your workers after deciding what resources they must gather. Then, bring back your team and create tools and buildings using the collected material. Finally, you feed them to end the turn.

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In order to win, you’ll have to strike a balance between resource management, strategic planning, and cultural advancement. Expand your village, construct new buildings, and develop your tribe’s culture while also ensuring that you have enough food to sustain your people. Of course, you’ll have to smartly plan everything because there are a fixed number of spaces on the board.

Begin your prehistoric journey by downloading Stone Age: Digital Edition now for $7.99 from the App Store.